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SewEasy Pvt. Ltd.
Type Private
Industry Computer software
Management Consulting
Founded 1993
Headquarters Battaramulla, Sri Lanka
Key people Keerthi Abe, MD and CEO; Shyamali Amarasinghe, Director
Products Garment Sewing Data, PMTS, PTS,

SewEasy Pvt. Ltd. is a company based in Battaramulla, Sri Lanka that provides Industrial Engineering, manufacturing labour cost estimation software and consulting services in productivity/efficiency management.

SewEasy is a more recent (Approx. 20 years, MTM2 has been there much longer) Garment sewing data system used in Ready Made Garment (RMG) manufacturing, which is based on lean concept developed by Toyota, for the purpose of Predetermined motion time system. SewEasy is an application used by Industrial Engineering or work-study professionals to automate cumbersome preparatory work, essential for Ready Made Garment sewing. Outcome of such preparatory work will be an estimation on labor requirement. Once the labor requirement is found the Industrial Engineering or work-study professionals can be prepared in a suitable manner to respond to a phenomenon known as "moving bottlenecks", typical challenge faced all too frequently.

ILO & University of Manchester Research[edit]

Published by University of Manchester, the Working Papers of "Capturing the Gains, global summit" brings together an international network of experts from North and South. Prof. Doug Miller of University of Northumbria at Newcastle authored the Working Paper 14 which says: Quote: In apparel manufacture, three PTS (aka PMTS) consultancy firms specializing in MTM appear to be operating in the sector– the US-based Modular Arrangement of Predetermined Time Standards (MODAPTS), the Sri Lankan-based Seweasy and the UK-headquartered GSD (Corporate) Ltd. All three forms of work measurement for arriving at a standard time should normally make provision for relaxation, contingency and special allowances. un-Quote

SewEasy Pvt. Ltd[edit]

SewEasy Pvt. Ltd a company registered in 1993 operating in the realms of Industrial Engineering, work-study, is the source of this technology. In some articles the product is mentioned as Sew Easy.

SewEasy Pvt. Ltd is a registered IT exporter in in Sri Lanka.[1]


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