Sex Is Comedy

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Sex Is Comedy
Sex Is Comedy FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Catherine Breillat
Written by Catherine Breillat
Starring Anne Parillaud
Grégoire Colin
Roxane Mesquida
Release dates
Running time
94 minutes
Country France / Portugal
Language French / Portuguese

Sex Is Comedy is a 2002 French film written and directed by Catherine Breillat.


Sex Is Comedy revolves around a director (Anne Parillaud) and her troubles filming an intimate sex scene between two actors who cannot tolerate each other.

Despite its rather misleading title, the film is not at all humorous. Rather, it includes long meditations on the relationships between people involved in making a film.

Based on Breillat's experiences directing her 2001 film Fat Girl, the climax of the film features a recreation of a scene from that movie, shot from the point of view of the crew, with Roxane Mesquida essentially reprising her role from the first film.

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