Sex and Religion (book)

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Sex and Religion
Author Dag Øistein Endsjø
Original title Sex og religion. Fra jomfruball til hellig homosex
Publication date
2009 (2009)

Sex and Religion, subtitled in English Teachings and Taboos in the History of World Faiths, is an extensively translated book on the historical and contemporary relationship between sex and religion written by scholar of religion Dag Øistein Endsjø. It was originally released in Norway in 2009,[1] under the title Sex og religion. Fra jomfruball til hellig homosex,[2][3] receiving generally very positive reviews.[4] The book is also published in English,[5] Bulgarian,[6] Chinese,[7] Italian,[8] Polish,[9] Serbian,[10] and Swedish.[11]


The book is a detailed guide to the ways in which faiths have sought to repress or celebrate as well as codify almost every kind of sexual relationship and act. It examines how various religions define sex, how they look at various forms of celibacy, masturbation, heterosexuality, homosexuality, interracial sex, sex between gods and humans and between gods, ritual sex, the religiously perceived consequence of sex, and how various faiths prioritize or downgrade various rules in connection with other rules.

As practically all forms of sex, or lack of it, are at the same time both prohibited and condoned in some religious tradition, it is impossible to identify a natural connection between sex and religion, beyond that each and every religion insists on their view on sex being the eternal answer.


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