Sex for Breakfast

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"Sex for Breakfast"
Song by Christina Aguilera from the album Bionic
Released June 8, 2010
Recorded 2009 at
The Red Lips Room
(Beverly Hills, California)
Genre R&B
Length 4:49
Label RCA
Writer Christina Aguilera, Detail, Edwards, Jr.
Producer Focus...
Bionic track listing
"Morning Dessert (Intro)"
"Sex for Breakfast"
"Lift Me Up"

"Sex for Breakfast" is a song by American recording artist Christina Aguilera, from her sixth studio album Bionic (2010). The song was written by Aguilera, Detail and Edwards, Jr., while production was handled by Focus.... It is an R&B song, considered a "slow jam".

The song talks about making someone late for work by having sex with the person. It received mixed reviews from critics, some of them praised Aguilera's vocals, the R&B tone. However, some critics felt it was a dull, boring and unsexy ballad. "Sex for Breakfast" charted on the Gaon International Download Chart at number 54.

Background and composition[edit]

In an interview with Bill Code from HitQuarters, Focus... talked about getting involved in the album:

The greatest thing about that is that we share one of the greatest engineers in the US, probably in the world, his name is Oscar Ramirez – I believe in him that much. He's been a cohort in my career for years, and he's been her vocal engineer and mixing engineer for years. And it just so happens he was like, "She's doing an album and I'll get you a connection." So I did it, she took some tracks and it was amazing. We did a song and an interlude together – it's called "Sex for Breakfast".[1]

Furthermore, he commented about working with her:

Well, the track was already done, so my job was pretty much done. But she was also working on the track with a writer by the name of Detail, who is a new writer, a crazy writer. Christina is a genius - she really is one of the greatest artists on the pop side 'cos she knows exactly what she is looking for and is not afraid to tell you. She's not afraid to show you some examples. It was the first project I've ever worked on where someone sent me examples and showed me the exact parts in the song they were looking for. She's very particular and a perfectionist and I love it, and it's awesome watching her work. But as far as the vocals are concerned I try to keep my input to a minimum because she knows what she is doing - I'm just there if she needs anything.[1]

Composition and music[edit]

A 28 second sample of "Sex for Breakfast", a "slow jam" ballad, featuring racy lyrics about making someone late for work for all the right reasons.[2][3]

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"Sex for Breakfast" was written by Aguilera, Detail and co-written and produced by Focus....[4] It is an R&B ballad, also referred as "slow jam" by some critics.[2][5] It is preceded by its intro "Morning Dessert".[6] Richard Wink from Drowned in Sound suggested that the song "is self explanatory, licking whipped cream from gently touched piano keys."[5] Lyrically, it features racy lyrics about making someone late for work for all the right reasons.[3] She sings: "Strawberry cream is like a dream, my fantasy is reality / When the morning comes, I know that I will, too."[7] According to Alexis Petridis from The Guardian, in the song "she refers to her lover's penis as his 'honey drip'."[2]

Critical reception[edit]

Some critics opined that the song resembles the work of the American recording artist Janet Jackson.[8][9]

The song received mixed reviews from music critics. Stephen Thomas Erlewine from Allmusic called it a "sultry slow burner".[10] Dan Pardalis of "411 Mania" gave a positive review, writing: "It's a track that that [sic] Christina really shines on – she's always excelled at the slow jams because she can not only show off her relatively unrivalled vocal talents, but simultaneously retain the sexy persona that she wants to purvey."[6] Jordan Richardson of Blogcritics called it "one of Bionic's uncommon highlights, with its smart R&B tone and Aguilera's racy lyrics."[3] UK newspaper The Scotsman wrote that the song is "breathy, fluttering R&B come-on."[11] Chris DeLine of "Culture Bully" wrote that "the track boasts a slow groove suitable for R. Kelly."[12] Bradley Stern of "MuuMuse" named it "a coo-heavy, Janet-esque offering."[9] Michael Cragg from musicOMH agreed, writing that it is "a Janet Jackson-esque song, as bad as it sounds."[8]

Alexis Petridis from The Guardian called it "a boring R&B ballad."[2] Bill Lamb from wrote that the song "aims for slow burn R&B sexuality, but again it comes off as a half-baked effort that leaves the listener a bit cold."[13] Genevieve Koski from The A.V. Club named it "appallingly unsexy R&B that ignore Aguilera’s biggest asset—her vocals—in favor of half-assed trend-jumping.[14] Rob Sheffield from Rolling Stone called it "a dull ballad, a cold cereal."[15] Dan Martin from NME wrote that: "It's a smutty slow-jam that is so unintentionally hilarious."[16]

Melinda Newman of HitFix commented:

She keeps the explicit sex theme going strong on the Barry White/Robin Thicke love jam "Sex For Breakfast", but I don’t know if we need to hear anyone sing: "Stay inside me baby..." no matter how luxurious the groove. Halfway in, you just want her to finish already. If she needs to wrestle up a little extra money, she could license most of the tracks for porn films.[17]

Credits and personnel[edit]

Recording locations
  • Recording & Vocal recording – The Red Lips Room, Beverly Hills, California.
  • Songwriting – Christina Aguilera, Detail, Edwards, Jr.
  • Production – Focus...
  • All instruments  - Focus...

Credits adapted from the liner notes of Bionic, RCA Records.[4]


Upon the release of the album, "Sex for Breakfast" debuted at number 54 on the Gaon International Downloads Chart on the chart issue June 6, 2010.[18]

Chart (2010) Peak
Gaon International Downloads Chart[18] 54


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