Sextus Cornelius Repentinus

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Sextus Cornelius Repentinus was a Roman politician who lived in the 2nd century. His father an elder Sextus Cornelius Repentinus, was a quaestor and head of the Praetorian Guard during the reign of Roman emperors Antoninus Pius (reigned 138-161) and Marcus Aurelius (reigned 161-180). He and his father were originally from Scillium, an ancient city near Carthage, Africa (modern Tunisia, North Africa).

Around 188, he was Roman governor of Lusitania. In 193, he married emperor Didius Julianus’ daughter Didia Clara. At that time, he was prefect of Rome. After the deaths of his father and mother-in-law, in June/July 193, the fates of he and his wife are unknown.

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