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Sexual suggestiveness is visual, verbal, or written material or behavior construed as having a sexual undertone or which is interpreted as intending to provoke sexual arousal or a sexual response.[1][2][3][4] Sexually suggestive behavior or clothing may be regarded as risqué, or immodest or indecent. In entertainment, sexually suggestive humour may be referred to as bawdy or ribaldry.

People may differ widely on what they consider to be sexually suggestive, and what is or is not acceptable depends largely on a community's social mores. Women in swimsuit advertisements, sexually-themed music or music with a strong beat meant for dancing, sexting, erotic lingerie or "wolf whistling" can all be thought to be sexually suggestive.[5][6][7][8][9] Sexual suggestiveness can also involve nudity, or the exposure of the nipples, genitals, buttocks or other areas of the body considered to be taboo.[10][11] Human feet can also be considered sexually suggestive, if it[clarification needed] is part of a foot fetish.[12] A brand name or phrase can be considered to be sexually suggestive if it has strong sexual connotations.[13] In some societies, sexually suggestive scenes on television can be restricted so that they are aired only at a time when it is presumed that children will not be watching.[14]

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