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Sexual suggestiveness is visual, verbal, or written material or behavior construed as having a sexual undertone or which is interpreted as intending to provoke sexual arousal or a sexual response.[1][2][3][4]

People may differ widely on what they consider to be sexually suggestive, and what is or is not acceptable depends largely on a community's social mores. Women in swimsuit advertisements, sexually-themed music or music with a strong beat meant for dancing, sexting, erotic lingerie or "wolf whistling" can all be thought to be sexually suggestive.[5][6][7][8][9] Sexual suggestiveness can also involve nudity, or the exposure of the nipples, genitals, buttocks or other areas of the body considered to be taboo.[10][11] Human feet can also be considered sexually suggestive, if it[clarification needed] is part of a foot fetish.[12] A brand name or phrase can be considered to be sexually suggestive if it has strong sexual connotations.[13] In some societies, sexually suggestive scenes on television can be restricted so that they are aired only at a time when it is presumed that children will not be watching.[14]

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