Seyyal Taner

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Seyyal Taner
Birth name Seyyal Taner
Born (1952-09-28) September 28, 1952 (age 61)
Origin Şanlıurfa,  Turkey
Genres Pop, Rock, Dance
Occupations Singer-songwriter, actress
Years active 1968–present

Seyyal Taner (born September 28, 1952, in Şanlıurfa, Turkey) is a Turkish singer and actress. Although famed for her music, Taner started her career as an actress with appearances in around 40 films. Throughout her career, many of her songs have hit, such as "Son Verdim Kalbimin İşine", "Alladı Pulladı", "Şiirimin Dili", "Kırk Yıllık Kani", "Naciye", "Leyla", "Nanay", "Neler Oluyor", "Sen Çok Yaşa", and "Kalbimi Affettim". She has varied her musical style throughout her career, incorporating distinct elements of reggae, rock, new wave, folk, dance and funk into her music. Throughout her career spanning four decades so far she has faced to some challenges to do different things and not to repeat herself. To be more precise, she is a persona doing things without others' approval. She is a person who brought liveliness and innovation to Turkish music and a rebel who made rock music in Alaturca Gazino, Turkish style music hall. Therefore, when somebody mentions about her, the adjectives such as weird, alien, freak, crazy, brave, rebel are used. She stood out not only her voice and songs but also her extraordinary clothes. She is famous for leopard clothes. Besides, she is reckoned as first Turkish singer who simultaneously both sings a song and dances choreographically on stage. She tried to introduce western show to Turkey. She arranged a series of visual and musical shows. Gradually, her look and manner of dressing and her performances started influencing people. Her style became a female fashion trend along 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.

Early Life and Career Beginnings[edit]

Taner was born in Şanlıurfa, Turkey and mean of her name is movable star having a tour around world in each century. She moved to İstanbul with her family. She graduated from the Amerikan Kız Lisesi, which is one of the best high school in Istanbul. During high school, she got ballet education in İstanbul Devlet Konservatuar. Her being interested in music led her to get vocal training from Şerif Yüzbaşıoğlu in 1965. After a while, She started to sing unprofessionally in Kanat Gür Orkestrası.

She met with Los Bravos that came for concert in İstanbul. When the band caught her music interest, they offered a role to her in a musical film after going back to Spain. She was gone to Spain for the film in 1968. She performed there in different fields such as being model for record picture, acting in commercial, being back vocal behind band. Meanwhile, she attracted the attention of Paramount Pictures. She was offered a small part in "Villa Rides" and she acted with Yul Brynner, Robert Mitchum. Then she came back to Turkey and appeared on Turkish films. Her performing vamp role in films attracted the attention. After that, she left Turkey and went to Germany to get married with Peter Harold, Los Bravos's guitarist. After having a daughter, she finished her marriage and came back to Turkey. She picked up where she left off. After a period of time, she gave up movie and led to music.


Taner signed a record deal with the 1 Numara Plakçılık, a label belonging to Ali Kocatepe. Her debut 45 rpm record "Tanrı Şahidimdir - Şimdi Sen Varsın" was released in 1974. The following year, her second 45 rpm record " Nene Hatun - Yalnızlığı Bir de Bana Sor " was released. However, her first two records did not bring her a great success. Meanwhile, she embarked her career at stage projects. Professionally first time, she took to the stage on "Lalezar Gazinosu". After a while, she took to the stage as a group with Seyhan Karabay and Sedat Avcı. In 1976, she transferred to Yavuz Asöcal's record company and released her third 45 rpm record "Son Verdim Kalbimin İşine - Elveda". This record became a top seller and thanks to the record, she had a big break. Her songs with dance show provided her remaining on the agenda of Turkish music. In the same year, her film "Çizmeli Kedi" brought together a lot of celebrities. In 1979, she appeared on TRT with Halil Ergün by preparing first Turkish TV musical "Çırpınış", a different version of "Asiye Nasıl Kurtulur". She opened a dance school with Sait Sökmen and educated dancers for show business, such as Hakan Peker and Nadia. Through the 1970s, she had great hits, such as "Kalbimi Affettim", "Seni Çok Özledim", "Gülme Komşuna".

In 1980, she released her first long play "Lider" and in 1986, her second album "Leyla". While she became second with the song "Dünya" in 1986 Eurovision National Final, she and Locomotif became first with the song "Şarkım Sevgi Üstüne" in 1987 Eurovision National Final. They failed to score any points and finished last in the 1987 Eurovision Song Contest.[1] However, this performance was shown in the category of "Notable Shows" in 50th anniversary of ESC. After the result, she took a break. Then she returned to music and recorded "Nanay" album. Through the 1980s, she had great hits, such as "Elalem Ne Der", "Naciye","Leyla", "Nanay" and "Neler Oluyor".

In 1990, she moved to Bodrum. In 1991, she released her best seller album "Alladı Pulladı". She showed one of her different characteristic by preparing lyrics and music of some songs in the album. In 1993, she released "Geliyorum" album and she gave a long break to music. Through the first half of the 1990s, she had great hits, such as "Alladı Pulladı", "Şiirimin Dili", "Kırk Yılık Kani", "La Havle Ya Settar".

In 2002, she returned and released her best of album "Seyyalname". After this album, she released "En İyileriyle Seyyal Taner" in 2005 and "En İyileriyle Seyyal Taner 2/Naciye" in 2007. In 2007, she had a duet song "Erkek Adamsın" with Zakkum in Zakkum's first studio album.

In March 2012, she released her maxi-single album; Ethnic Rock.[2] First video clip from this album was shot for Sevda Zindanları. With this album, Taner started a concert series. In 2014, she sang ‘’Canımsın Deme Bana’’ in the album of ‘’Wonderland’’ belonging to İlhan Erşahin.


45 Rpm Records[edit]

  • Tanrı Şahidimdir - Şimdi Sen Varsın 1974 - Bir Numara
  • Nene Hatun - Yalnızlığı Bir de Bana Sor 1975 - Bir Numara
  • Son Verdim Kalbimin İşine - Elveda 1976 - Yavuz
  • Kalbimi Affettim - Sarmaş Dolaş 1976 - Yavuz
  • Gülme Komşuna - Seni Çok Özledim 1977 - Yavuz
  • Sorma Neydi O - Neden Gelmedin 1977 - Yavuz
  • Şarkım Sevgi Üstüne (With Grup Lokomotif) 1986 - TRT


  • Lider 1981 - Yavuz
  • Leyla 1986 - Yavuz
  • Nanay 1989 - Yankı
  • Alladı Pulladı 1991 - Güneş
  • Kalbimi Affettim 1993 - Güneş
  • Geliyorum 1993 - Güneş
  • Seyyalname 2002 - Elenor
  • En İyileriyle Seyyal Taner 2005 - Ossi
  • En İyileriyle Seyyal Taner 2 (1986–1987) 2007 - Ossi
  • The Best of Seyyal Taner 2009 - Elenor
  • Ethnic Rock 2012 - Majör


  • Güldür Güldür (Seyyal Taner) 2014
  • Canımın İçi (Seyyal Taner) 2012
  • Bizim Evin Halleri (Pür Neşe) 2006
  • Maçolar (Dilan Hala) 2006
  • İstanbul Şahidimdir (Aylin) 2004
  • Azad 2002
  • Perihan Abla 1986


  • Çizmeli Kedi (Seyyal) 1976
  • Şehvet Kurbanı Şevket (Nuran) 1975
  • Beş Tavuk Bir Horoz 1974
  • Cafer'in Nargilesi 1974
  • Düşmanlarım Çatlasın 1974
  • Gecelerin Ötesi / İster Darıl İster Sarıl 1974
  • İmparator 1974
  • Kiralık Serseri 1974
  • Kısmet (Konuk Oyuncu) 1974
  • Televizyon Niyazi 1974
  • Cengiz Han'ın Fedaisi (Chun-Li) 1973
  • Çoban (Sevda) 1973
  • Dağ Kanunu 1973
  • Düşman 1973
  • Felek 1973
  • Gecelerin Hakimi (Sema) 1973
  • Gönülden Yaralılar (Gönül Sunar) 1973
  • Harman Sonu (Elif) 1973
  • Talihsizler 1973
  • Katran Bebek (Seyyal) 1973
  • Ömer Hayyam 1973
  • Vahşet (Ayşe) 1973
  • Bu Toprağın Kızı 1973
  • Yaralı 1973
  • Batıda Kan Vardı / Batıda Ölüm Var 1972
  • Benimle Sevişir Misin (Sibel) 1972
  • Hacı Murat'ın İntikamı 1972
  • Haydut Avcısı 1972
  • İlk Aşk 1972
  • Kalleşler 1972
  • Kanlı Öç 1972
  • Kanun Adamı (Rosita) 1972
  • Karaoğlan Geliyor 1972
  • Mahkum (Lamia) 1972
  • Suya Düşen Hayal Oyuncu (Seher/Nevin) 1972
  • Tehlikeli Görev 1972
  • Vahşetin Esirleri 1972
  • Vahşi Aşk 1972
  • Vur 1972
  • Vur Gardaş Vur 1972
  • Aslan Bey 1968
  • Kara Güneş 1968
  • Ölümsüz Adam 1968


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Klips ve Onlar
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Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest
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