Sezi Mbaguta

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Seezi Mbaguta
Born (1947-02-01) 1 February 1947 (age 67)
Residence Kampala, Uganda
Nationality Ugandan
Ethnicity Umukiga
Citizenship Uganda
Education Bachelor of Arts in Political Science & Public Administration (BA)
Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda
Diploma in Public Administration (Dip.Pub.Adm)
Makerere University
Master of Arts in Public Administration & Management (MA)
Makerere University
Occupation Administrator & Politician
Years active 1975 — present
Known for Politics
Home town Rukungiri
Religion Roman Catholic

Mrs. Sezi Prisca Bessy Mbaguta is a Ugandan politician and civil servant. She is the current State Minister for Public Service in the Ugandan Cabinet. She was oppointed to that position in June 2006. In the cabinet reshuffle of 16 February 2009[1] and that of 27 May 2011,[2] she retained her cabinet portfolio. Sezi Mbaguta is the elected Member of Parliament for Rukungiri District Women's Representative.


She was born on 19 February 1946 in Rukungiri District.[3]


Sezi Mbaguta holds the degree of Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science and Public Administration, from Makerere University, the oldest of Uganda's public and private universities. She also holds a postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration, also from Makerere, obtained in 1975. He degree of Master of Arts in Public Administration and Management was obtained in 1997, also from Makerere University.[4]

Work experience[edit]

She has a long and extensive public service career, starting in 1975, when she worked as the Senior Personnel Officer, in the Public Service Commission, a position she held until 1980. Between 1980 and 1983, she served as the Principal Personnel Officer, in the Public Service Commission, and as the Chief Personnel Officer, in the Ministry of Public Services, from 1983 until 1990.

In 1990, she served briefly as the Deputy Secretary to Public Service Review Commission. Later that year, she was appointed to become Commissioner of Personnel Management, in the Ministry of Public Service, serving in that capacity until 1996. Between 1992 and 1996, she served as the Project Coordinator of the Civil Service Reform Implementation Project (CSRIP). From 1996 until 1999, she served as the Acting Director, Human Resource Management, in the Ministry of Public Service. In 1997, her title changed to Project Manager and Coordinator, Developing Human Resource & Regulatory Framework, in the same ministry. She held that title until 2006. During the same period, she concurrently served as the Director of Human Resource Management in the Ministry of Public Service. She was appointed to her present cabinet post in June 2006.[5]

Personal details[edit]

Sezi Mbaguta is married. She is reported to enjoy gender and women issues, as well as promoting rural development.

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