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Alternative names Arab pizza
Type Savoury pie
Place of origin Levant
Main ingredients ground mutton
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Sfiha (Arabic: صفيحةsfīḥah), also known as "Arab Pizza", is an Arab pizza-like dish originating from the Arabian Peninsula and Levant, and introduced in Brazil by Levantine immigrants, where it is known as esfiha.

In contrast to the modern use of lamb or beef, traditional sfiha are open-faced meat pies made with ground mutton. Historically, sfiha were much like dolma—simply ground lamb, lightly spiced, wrapped in brined grape leaves. In Brazil, sfihas are folded into a triangular pastry, such as a fatayer, although the open-faced version is very common too. Sfihas come with various toppings, including cheese, curd, lamb, beef or vegetables.[1]

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