Sgarbi Liberals

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Sgarbi Liberals
Leader Vittorio Sgarbi
Founded 1999
Dissolved unclear
Ideology Liberalism Libertarianism
International affiliation none
European affiliation none
Politics of Italy
Political parties

The Sgarbi Liberals (Liberal Sgarbi),[1] also known as I Liberal – Sgarbi (The Liberals – Sgarbi) and Liberal Sgarbi – I Libertari (Sgarbi Liberals – The Libertarians), were a minor personalist-liberal political party in Italy.

The party was founded in March 1999 by Vittorio Sgarbi,[2][3] a member of the Chamber of Deputies first elected in 1992 with the Italian Liberal Party, who later joined Forza Italia (1994), the Federalist Party (1995) and the Pannella-Sgarbi List (1996). In the 1999 European Parliament election, thanks to a new electoral pact with Forza Italia,[4] Sgarbi was elected to the European Parliament and served there for two years.[5] In 2001 he was re-elected to the Chamber of Deputies for Forza Italia.[6]

In the 2004 European Parliament election the party formed a joint list with the Italian Republican Party, gainining 0.7% and no MEPs.[7] In 2006 general election, it sided with the centre-left The Union coalition and was part of the Consumers' List, along with the Southern Democratic Party, but Sgarbi failed to be re-elected. In the same year's municipal election of Milan the party supported Letizia Moratti, who was elected mayor for the House of Freedoms coalition.