Shéhérazade (Ravel)

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Shéhérazade is the title of two works by the French composer Maurice Ravel.

Shéhérazade, ouverture de féerie, written in 1898 but unpublished, is a work for orchestra intended as the overture for an opera of the same name. It was first performed at a concert of the Société Nationale on 27 May 1899, conducted by the composer.[1]

Shéhérazade, a song cycle for soprano (or tenor) solo and orchestra, after three poems by Tristan Klingsor: "Asie", "La flûte enchantée", and "L'indifférent", was written in 1903. This was first performed on 17 May 1904 at the Société Nationale, with Jeanne Hatto and the orchestra conducted by Alfred Cortot.[1]


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