Shō Eki

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Shō Eki
King of the Ryūkyū Kingdom
Reign 1710–1712
Predecessor Shō Tei
Successor Shō Kei
Spouse Kon Kō, Kikoe-ōkimi-ganashi
House House of Shō
Father Shō Jun
Mother Gi Un, Kikoe-ōkimi-ganashi
Born (1678-12-07)7 December 1678
Died 16 August 1712(1712-08-16) (aged 33)
Burial Tamaudun, Shuri

Shō Eki (尚 益?, 1678–1712) was the 12th king of the Second Shō Dynasty of the Ryūkyū Kingdom, who ruled from 1710 to 1712.

It was said that he was born with harelip, which made his grandfather Shō Tei worry. Fortunately, a Ryukyuan named Takamine Tokumei (高嶺徳明) met a Chinese doctor Huang Huiyou (黃會友) in Fuzhou. Huang taught Takamine how to repair a cleft palate. Takamine came back to Ryukyu in 1688, and had the Prince's lip repaired in the next year.

Shō Eki succeeded his grandfather Shō Tei as king in 1710, and died two years later.


Preceded by
Shō Tei
King of Ryūkyū
Succeeded by
Shō Kei