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Kyudōkan logo
Shōrin-ryū Kyudōkan
Date founded 1947
Country of origin Japan Okinawa, Japan
Founder Yuchoku Higa
Current head Minoru Higa
Arts taught Karate
Ancestor schools Kobayashi Shorin-ryū
Official website Kyudokan

The Okinawa Shōrin-ryū Karate-dō Kyudōkan Association (沖縄小林流空手道究道館連合会?) is one of the seven branches of Kobayashi Shōrin-ryū style of Okinawan karate, developed by Yuchoku Higa, Hanshi 10th Dan.


In 1947 Higa inaugurated the Kyudokan Karate dojo and applied himself to perfecting and developing everything that he had learned from his masters, and especially from Chōshin Chibana, with whom he continued to practice.

In 1961 the first Shorinryu Karate-do Association of Okinawa was formed. It was presided over by Chibana and Higa was assigned the role of vice-president.

By 2008, the Kyudokan School had branches in 23 countries and had more than 10,000 students around the world. Branches of the school were established in South America by Benito Higa and in the world by Oscar Higa.

Minoru Higa (10th Dan) is the current President (Kaichou) and Soke of World Okinawan Shorin Ryu Kyudokan Karate-Do Federation.

Oscar Higa (10th Dan) is the World Technical Director of World Okinawan Shorin Ryu Kyudokan Karate-Do Federation and Representative for the world.

Patrick Rault ( 7th Dan) is the current official representative of Kyudokan France, he was appointed in 2008 by grand master Minoru Higa. Patrick Rault has lived in Japan 15 years where he taught Karate do . He was appointed Cultural Ambassador by the governor of Okinawa in 2014 and federal expert by the french federation FFKDA in 2013.

Dariusz Novac ( 6th Dan) is the current official representative of Kyudokan Poland , he was appointed by grand master Minoru Higa.


  • The Myo Mamoru principle, namely the concept of defending and protecting (sheltering) the body;
  • Development of Ki (energy) by means of systematic Hara (tandem) work and the principles of yin and yang: hard-soft relaxed-tensed slow-rapid;
  • The rule of Kokyu (breathing);
  • The Marumi-Muchimi principle, namely circularity of movement and the conclusion of the technique at its maximum level.


Below is a list of all kata practiced in Kyudokan schools.


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