Lower Shebelle

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Lower Shebelle
Shabeellaha Hoose
The Merca beachside.
The Merca beachside.
Location in Somalia.
Location in Somalia.
Coordinates: 1°46′6″N 44°23′24″E / 1.76833°N 44.39000°E / 1.76833; 44.39000Coordinates: 1°46′6″N 44°23′24″E / 1.76833°N 44.39000°E / 1.76833; 44.39000
Country  Somalia
Capital Merca
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

Lower Shebelle (Somali: Shabeellaha Hoose, Arabic: شبيلي السفلى‎) is an administrative region (gobol) in southern Somalia.[1]


It is bordered by the Somali regions of Banaadir, Middle Shebelle (Shabeellaha Dhexe), Hiran, Bay and Middle Juba (Jubbada Dhexe), and the Indian Ocean. Lower Shebelle is named after the Shebelle River, which passes through it.

Until 1984, when the regions were reassigned, it was part of the larger Benadir region and its capital was Mogadishu. However, the provincial capital is now Merca.


Lower Shebelle consists of the following districts:[2]

Major towns[edit]


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