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SHAD Logo English.png
Founded 1980
Type Registered charity
Area served Primarily Canada
Key people Barry Bisson (President), Steve Fagan (Chair)
Slogan Uncommon Purpose

SHAD is a registered Canadian charity that empowers exceptional high school students - at a pivotal point in their education - to recognize their own capabilities and envision their extraordinary potential as tomorrow's leaders and change makers. Each year, SHAD provides the opportunity for 600+ students from across Canada and internationally to attend a month-long summer program, in residence at one of 12 Canadian host universities, focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

Students who are offered a place in the program are well-rounded, emerging leaders who demonstrate their initiative, creativity and entrepreneurial flair even before attending the program. Most are high academic achievers and are also participating in extra-curricular activities.

There are currently more than 14,000 SHAD alumni including 26 Rhodes Scholars, Top 40 under 40 and Top 20 under 20 award recipients, and many other accomplished professionals, all sharing the transformational SHAD experience and able to leverage their SHAD network for life.

The SHAD Program and SHAD Entrepreneurship Cup[edit]

Each of the SHAD campuses offer an immersive program of lectures, workshops, projects and activities. Inside and outside the classroom, SHAD builds on the STEM foundation , introducing participants to a multi-disciplinary program that offers unique experiences and a new way of understanding the world. Speakers include university professors, business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators, inspiring students to set aspirational goals.

SHAD campuses build their programming around a theme of national significance, which changes each year and is released the first week of each annual session. Participants are challenged with a big, complex issue and are asked to find bold solutions, working together with their peers to bring their ideas to life. Success comes from figuring things out together and learning from fellow students. Winning projects are selected per campus to advance to national judging. The results of the competition are announced during the SHAD Entrepreneurship Cup held in October. The 2014 theme is "Living Large with a Small Footprint".

The 2013 theme was: "How Might We Improve the Safety and Efficiency of Year Round, Human Powered Transportation". Previous themes have included: "Disaster & Emergency Preparedness" (2004),[1] "Health & Wellness" (2005),[2] "The Great Canadian Energy Challenge" (2006),[3] "Zero Waste Technology" (2007),[4] "Design with Conscience" (2008),[5] "Nature and Natural Fibres" (2009), "Designing for Canada's Aging Population" (2010), "Improving the Quality of Life for a Canadian Child with a Disability" (2011), and "Preventing/Reducing Obesity in North American Youth" (2012).


Students in Grades ten, eleven, or twelve (Secondaire IV, V, or CEGEP I in Quebec), or the international equivalent, may apply to SHAD. Application deadlines are in late November and mid-December[6]

Host universities[edit]


There are currently 12 SHAD campuses:



SHAD students are also eligible for a summer volunteer internship for the month of August, immediately following the July program.[7][8] SHAD assists students in finding an internship.


SHAD has more than 14,000 alumni in 36 countries, 26 of whom are Rhodes Scholars.[9] Among SHAD alumni, there are also Loran Scholars[10] and Schulich Leaders.[11] Additionally, several Canadian post-secondary schools offer scholarships for SHAD alumni.[12][13]


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