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Developer(s) Terminal Sunset
Publisher(s) StarPlay
Designer(s) Ravi Mehta
Platform(s) Macintosh
Genre(s) Scrolling shooter
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution CD

ShadowWraith is a top-down view scrolling shooter video game created by a company called Terminal Sunset for the Macintosh, and published by StarPlay. This game has a sequel called Souls in the System.

As of 2014, StarPlay no longer directly sells games.[1]

Sound Track[edit]

The soundtrack for ShadowWraith is widely considered among the greatest video game soundtracks of all time and was composed by Steven Allen, Andrew Schlesinger, Volker Tripp, and Thomas Chenhall. It consisted of the following song titles in alleged order of game play:

  1. Extend
  2. Into the Shadow
  3. Haunt
  4. Night
  5. Cyberride
  6. Fall
  7. Wraith
  8. Marshins
  9. Dance of Zax
  10. Overlord
  11. World
  12. Ryu
  13. Stardust (Memories)
  14. Oblivion
  15. Silntrac (Silent Racer)
  16. Elysium
  17. Molecule (Molecule's Revenge)
  19. Pulse
  20. Off Line Pulse
  21. Dance Factory
  22. Internal Impactor
  23. Evergladez
  24. Space
  25. Xenon


In the game, the player assumes the role of an Artificial Intelligence representation of a man named Alex Kendall, who was assassinated for having associations with the Defense Department. Before his annihilation, Alex Kendall had grown unsatisfied of his work in the Defense Department, and devoted his time and efforts to the expansion of the ever growing cyberspace. In his latest project, he had created a way of designing a person's ego into the net, using his own as a prototype. His attempt at doing so was a success, though Alex never got a chance to reveal his findings to the world, as he was killed shortly after awaking to see his family die at the hands of his murderer.

Throughout the game, the player controls Alex Kendall's cyberspace program of himself, seeking revenge of his family, and his own mortal self. The phrase "Revenge is best served on the Net" is shown in the opening titles before game play commences.


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