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Unlike the Westminster arrangement where there is an 'Official Opposition' to the government of the day, there is no such thing as an 'official' opposition to the Scottish Government. Instead, all parties that are not in government are merely 'opposition parties'. With the current Scottish Government being Scottish National Party (SNP), the three other main parties are all opposition parties and each will have a Shadow Cabinet composed of Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) with a responsibility to shadow a government minister or area of government.

Labour Shadow Cabinet[edit]

As of the June 29th 2013 reshuffle;

Holyrood Frontbench;

  • Leader of the Scottish Labour Party Johann Lamont MSP
  • Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Employment and Sustainable Growth Iain Gray MSP
  • Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing Neil Findlay MSP
  • Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning Kezia Dugdale MSP
  • Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Justice Graeme Pearson MSP
  • Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure,Capital Investment and Cities Strategy James Kelly MSP
  • Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Environment Claire Baker MSP
  • Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Culture Patricia Ferguson MSP
  • Shadow Minister for Local Government Sarah Boyack MSP
  • Shadow Minister for the Constitution Drew Smith MSP
  • Shadow Minister for Finance and Shadow Minister for Youth Employment Jenny Marra MSP
  • Shadow Minister for Social Justice, Equalities and Welfare Jackie Baillie MSP
  • Scottish Labour Parliamentary Business Manager: Paul Martin MSP
  • Chief Whip: Lewis MacDonald MSP

Senior Party Members at Westminster and Policy team;

  • Deputy Leader of the Scottish Labour Party: Anas Sarwar MP
  • Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and Head of Labour's General Election Strategy Douglas Alexander MP
  • Shadow Secretary of State for International Development Jim Murphy MP
  • Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland Margaret Curran MP
  • Head of Party Policy Review Richard Baker MSP
  • 2016 Election and Manifesto Co-Ordinator Jackie Baillie MSP

Conservative Shadow Cabinet[edit]

As of November 2011

Liberal Democrat Shadow Cabinet[edit]

  • Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie MSP
  • Spokesperson for Transport, Rural Affairs, the Environment and FisheriesTavish Scott MSP
  • Spokesperson for Education and Energy Liam McArthur MSP
  • Spokesperson for Justice and Business Manager Alison McInnes MSP
  • Spokesperson for Health and Housing Jim Hume MSP


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