Shafiq Qaadri

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Shafiq Qaadri
Ontario MPP
Assumed office
Preceded by John Hastings
Constituency Etobicoke North
Personal details
Born 1963 (age 51–52)
Chicago, United States
Political party Liberal
Residence Toronto
Profession Medical doctor

Shafiq Qaadri (born c. 1963) is a politician in Ontario, Canada. He is a Liberal member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario who was elected in 2003. He represents the riding of Etobicoke North.


Qaadri was born in Chicago. His parents had immigrated from Pakistan. The family moved to Toronto in the 1970s.[1]

Qaadri graduated from Upper Canada College in 1983, and from the University of Toronto Medical School in 1988. During his academic career, he won several scholarships including an English-Speaking Union Essay Prize to Oxford University and a Medical Research Council Scholarship in Clinical Neurosurgery.

Before entering political life, Qaadri was commentator in the Canadian media for his discussions of medical issues (which he usually presented in a populist manner, intended for non-specialists). He has written numerous articles on medicine for journals such as the The Medical Post[nb 1][2] Qaadri has been granted the position of Designated Medical Practitioner by the Canadian government.[3]

His book The Testosterone Factor: A Practical Guide to Improving Vitality and Virility, Naturally (ISBN 1569243786), on the subject of andropause (described as the male equivalent of menopause), was released in 2006.

He was the keynote speaker at the 40th annual convention of the Islamic Medical Association of North America in July 2007. He is also a speaker at numerous community groups in the Greater Toronto Area, teaching how about the prevention and heart disease to South Asian groups.[4]

Qaadri lives in Toronto with his wife and three children.


Qaadri ran in the 1999 provincial election as the Liberal candidate in the riding of Etobicoke North. He lost to Progressive Conservative John Hastings by 1,446 votes in Etobicoke North.[5] Hastings announced his retirement in 2003, and Qaadri was able to win the riding by nearly 10,000 votes in the election that followed.[6] He was reelected in 2007, 2011 and 2014.[7][8] Qaadri is the first person of Pakistani origin to become a Member of Provincial Parliament in Ontario.[9][10]

On October 23, 2003, he was named Parliamentary Assistant (PA) to Marie Bountrogianni in her capacity as Minister of Children and Youth Services.[11] In 2007 he was named as PA to the Minister of Health Promotion and in 2011 as the PA to the Minister of Government Services.[12][13]

In 2004, while working on recruiting new civil servants, he was quoted as saying "there's just too many white people" in Ontario's government agencies.[14]

In May 2010 a rally against government cuts to pharmaceutical spending was held outside his governmental office. Protesters stated that "He is a doctor. We thought he should be saying something".[15]

In September 2013, Qaadri introduced Bill 96, The Radon Awareness and Prevention Act. The bill would increase public awareness of the dangers of radon gas and mandate monitoring in all provincial buildings in the province.[16]

As of July 2014 he serves as Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier of Ontario.



  1. ^ As of 2014 Qaadri has written over 75 articles for the Medical Post.


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