Shah Abdul Aziz

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Shah Abdul Aziz
Born 1745 CE [1]
Died 1823 CE [1][2]
Era Medieval era
School Sunni [2]

Al Muhaddith Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlavi ( 1745- 1823 [1][2]) (Arabic: المحدث شاه عبدالعزيز دهلاوي‎) was one of the Islamic scholar scholars of Hadith in India.[2]


Shah Abdul Aziz was the eldest son of Shah Waliullah was only 17 years old when Shah Waliullah died. He took over as the teacher of Hadith in place of his father, and later became famous as the Muhaddith of Delhi.



He wrote and dictated several books,[1] even if some differ on the number (from fifty to nearly two hundred):[3]

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