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Shah Jiwana is a town of Jhang District in the Punjab, Pakistan.


Shah Jeewna is located on the Jhang-Lalian road at 31°31'13N 72°20'21E[1] 34 km from Jhang. Its nearest town is Mandi Shah Jeewna on the Jhang Sargodha road.


In 997 CE, Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi, took over the Ghaznavid dynasty empire established by his father, Sultan Sebuktegin, In 1005 he conquered the Shahis in Kabul in 1005, and followed it by the conquests of Punjab region. The Delhi Sultanate and later Mughal Empire ruled the region. The Punjab region became predominantly Muslim due to missionary Sufi saints whose dargahs dot the landscape of Punjab region. The town is famous nationwide because of the famous saint Hazrat Shah Jiwana who converted many local tribes to Islam (after whom the town has been named).

After the decline of the Mughal Empire, the Sikh invaded and occupied Jhang District. The Muslims faced severe restrictions during the Sikh rule. During the period of British rule, Jhang District increased in population and importance.

The predominantly Muslim population supported Muslim League and Pakistan Movement. After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, the minority Hindus and Sikhs migrated to India while the Muslims refugees from India settled down in the Jhang District.


This town has got importance due to the famous political personalities of National Politics. The famous personalities who come from this town are Syeda Abida Hussain, Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat and Late Hon. Col Syed Abid Hussain. Syed family that of Syeda Abida Hussain and her cousin Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat are Gadi Nasheen of another Shia Muslim Pir named Shah Jeewna but the cousins are on the opposite side of political divide.


Coordinates: 31°31′N 72°20′E / 31.517°N 72.333°E / 31.517; 72.333