Shahbaz Garhi

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Shahbaz Garhi is an historic site located in Mardan District in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan.


Shahbaz Garhi is situated on the junction of three ancient routes;

  1. Kabul to Pushkalavati(modern Charsadda)
  2. Swat through Buner
  3. Taxila through Hund on the bank of Indus River.

Situated on the modern Mardan-Swabi Road, the town was once a thriving Buddhist city surrounded by monasteries and stupas.

Archaeological relics[edit]

Ashokan inscriptions[edit]

Rock edicts of Ashoka (272-231 BC) were carved on two rocks on a hill. This edict was inscribed in Kharoshthi script.[1]

The translation of the text is written on a board nearby the rocks. The sight is a famous tourist spot for people who are interested in history.


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