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Shahid Masood
Shahid Masood while televising his show.
Managing director of the Pakistan Television Network
In office
21 June 2008 – 4 November 2008
Preceded by Yousaf Beg Mirza
Succeeded by Ashfaq Gondal
Personal details
Born Shahid Masood
Citizenship  Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
Residence Karachi, Sindh
Alma mater Jinnah Sindh Medical University
Tufts University
Occupation Broadcaster, journalist
Profession Physician
Cabinet Gillani Ministry
Religion Islam
Years active 2001–Present
Title ARY News: Anchor of Views on News
Television PTV News
GEO News
ARY News
Express News
Royal News
Jaag TV
News One

Shahid Masood Khan (Urdu: شاہد مسعود خان‎), widely known as Dr. Shahid Masood is a Pakistani political writer, television host, journalist, and political analyst.[1]

A surgery practitioner, his career in broadcast journalism began after the terror attacks in the United States in 2001. During this time, he conducted various political interview of many of country's influential statesman and politicians. Prior to this, he also served senior executive director of news formats of GEO News and also for the ARY News.He was appointed managing director of Pakistan Television Network (PTV) by Prime Minister Yousaf Gilani in 2008; though he resigned from this position.

As of current, he regularly writes columns on Daily Jang and hosts a show on News One. He is known for his tough rhetoric against the US-led policies on the War on Terror.


Education and medical career[edit]

Shahid Masood Khan was raised in Taif and Riyadh throughout his early life.[2] His father was a civil engineer who worked in a Saudi Petroleum International, and was a vital member of Pakistani community in Saudi Arabia.[3] Though, his family relocated to Pakistan after his father joined the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) in teenage years.[3]

He attended the Pakistan International School (managed by Pakistan Embassy, Riyadh) for seven years and subsequently graduated from there.[2] Upon returning to Pakistan, Masood enrolled in DJ Science College and made a transfer to Jinnah Sindh Medical University where he attained MBBS degree in surgery.[2] On a scholarship with CNN in 2005, he attended the The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy of the Tufts University in the United States where he completed and gained MSc in Strategic studies and International Relations (IR).[4]

Masood is a licensed surgeon and has practised surgery in various hospitals of United Kingdom, Ireland, and Pakistan.[4] During this time, he obtained fellowship of Royal College of Surgeons in England.[4] He currently resides in Dubai with his wife and two children.

Broadcasting career[edit]

ARY News: Views on News[edit]

After witnessing the 9/11 attacks in the United States, Masood joined the ARY Digital Network and moved to ARY News. He began hosting his own political show, Views on News which has distinction of being Asia's longest-running current affairs Television show.[5] He first hosted the show till 2006 before joining GEO News. In 2010, Masood rejoined ARY and restarted his show. The comeback was short-lived as Masood quit in December 2010.

His show carried out extensive political interviews of country's influential statesman and politicians, including covered stories on civil life, civil society, literature, and culture.[2] He conducted interviews with former President Pervez Musharraf, former Prime Ministers: Benazir Bhutto, Shaukat Aziz, Zafarfullah Jamali, Nawaz Sharif, scientists: Abdul Qadeer Khan, Samar Mubarakmand, and Pervez Hoodbhoy.[4]

He also interviewed former CIA Director, James Woolsey, former ISI Director Hamid Gul, and including the famous interview of former commander of East Pakistan army General AAK Niazi. During the peak of Operation Silence, he also interviewed cleric, Abdul Rashid Ghazi.[2] Other people who appeared on the show include Ahmed Faraz, Israr Ahmad, Zakir Naik, Ashfaq Ahmed, Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi, Justice Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui, Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, Justice Wajihuddin Ahmed, Asif Ali Zardari and Akbar Bugti.[2]

GEO News: Meray Mutabiq[edit]

The opening screen for Meray Mutabiq.

In January 2007, Shahid Masood joined the Geo TV, and moved his staff to GEO News to host another political segment, Meray Mutabiq (lit. According to me).[6] which is owned by the Jang Group, the largest Urdu media group.
Through GEO News, Masood mounted a series criticism of General Musharraf and harshly scrutinise the role of the military's role in state's affairs.[2] One of the most notable interview which was conducted by him was that of Lieutenant-General Jamshed Gulzar Kiani, in which, General Kiani harshly criticised Pervez Musharraf and his policies.[7] When GEO News was reinstated after suspension under the Emergency in 2007, Masood's show was kept off air till General Elections 2008. In June 2008, Masood show was taken off air, presumably due to pressure from Pervez Musharraf. He rejoined GEO in November 2008 and hosted Meray Mutabiq till early 2010.


After the general elections held in 2008 which marked the return of PPP, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani approved the appointment of Masood at the stint as managing director (MD) of Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV).[8] Prime Minister Gillani immediately terminated the contract of PTV MD Yousaf Beg Mirza in order for Masood to assume the charge of PTV's MD on 22 June 2008.[8]

However, on the course of four months, Masood tendered his resignation to Prime Minister Gillani, citing "tension with Information and Broadcasting minister Sherry Rehman.[9] His resignation was accepted by Prime Minister Gillani and appointed him as his special assistant on media policy with the status of a minister of state with immediate effect.[9]

News One[edit]

As he currently works in News One. His program End of times is a show on the current world situation in which the past, present and predictions about future are made. In this program, the thoughts of Jews, Christian and Islam are briefly described about the End of the World.

Other TV shows[edit]

Masood started hosting his current affairs show Shahid Nama on Express News in 2011. The show followed a similar pattern to his earlier current affairs and politics. Before General Election 2013, Masood joined Royal News for the election coverage.[10] In December 2013, he joined Jaag TV (formerly CNBC Pakistan). Currently he is associated with News One where he is hosting his show Live with Dr. Shahid Masood.[11]

"Dr. Shahid Masood Man of Substance in media circles his name carries weight. Because nothing escapes him. His keen eye sees through hidden agenda. His Sharp mind zeroes in on the core issue. And his deep insight info national and international Politics delivers an incisive, spot on analysis- Live to millions of his viewers."

News One[11]


On the War on Terrorism[edit]

Ever since 9/11, Masood has been severely critical of the American-led War on Terrorism, although he never supported militancy or extremism.[4] He routinely tends to analyse important issues along controversial lines, such as the Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and the 2006 Lebanon War.[4] He was the only independent Pakistani journalist able to cover three major wars from the combat zones.[4]

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