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Shahla Lahiji (born 1942) (Persian: شهلا لاهیجی‎) is an Iranian (Persian) writer, publisher, translator, and director of Roshangaran, a prominent publishing house on women's issues.

Career and activities[edit]

Lahiji established Roshangaran publishing house in 1983, becoming the first female publisher in Iran.[1] As of 2006 Roshangaran published more than 200 titles which are produced by female authors or which are concerned with women's issues.[1] The publishing house received the PEN International prize in the United States and the Pandora prize in the United Kingdom in 2001.[2]

She was one of 19 writers and intellectuals prosecuted for participating in an academic and cultural conference sponsored by the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Berlin on 7-9 April 2000 at which political and social reform in Iran were publicly debated.

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