Shahpur, Pakistan

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Shahpur (Punjabi,Urdu: شاه پور‎) (alternatively Shāhpur or Shahapur) is a city and capital of Shahpur Tehsil, located in Sargodha District in the Punjab province, of Pakistan. It lies on the Jhelum River.

Population of Tehsil is 274,000 (1998) being mainly Muslim and Punjabi speaking.

Its old name was Rampur and it had a majority Hindu population until the 17th century. The name changed after the arrival of a Sufi saint Shah Shams Sherazi from Delhi.

In 1893, during the British Raj, Shahpur District of was created with Shahpur as the district headquarters. In 1914, the district headquarters were moved from Shahpur to Sargodha, although the district continued to be known as Shahpur. In 1960 however, Sargodha District was created, and Shahpur District became Shahpur Tehsil — one of the tehsils in the district. There are a lot of historical places that still exist, like the government highschool, the government elementary school, and Shahpur which is most historical building in this city. All of these buildings were built in in the 18th century. Also there are some historical Mandir (prayer place of Hindus). Their main city entrance gate was built in 1863 when its name was Rampur. The railway station of this city was built by British government. The great leader Fatima Jinnah visited Shahpur and spoke with people of this city in the railway station. The people of this city are very humble and are hard workers.[1]


Coordinates: 31°05′N 70°56′E / 31.083°N 70.933°E / 31.083; 70.933