Shahpur Dam

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Shahpur Dam
Country Pakistan
Location Attock District, Punjab
Status In use
Opening date 1986
Construction cost PKR 36.5 million
Owner(s) Small Dams Organization, Government of Punjab
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Concrete Gravity
Height 26 m (85 ft)
Length 93.26 m (306 ft)
Total capacity 17,620,000 m3 (14,285 acre·ft)

Shahpur Dam is located in Attock District on Nandana River in Punjab, Pakistan. The dam is 26 m (85 ft) high and has a storage capacity of 17,620,000 m3 (14,285 acre·ft).[1]


The dam site is located in Kala Chitta Range in Attock Distrcit, at around 45 km (28 mi) away from Islamabad and 8 km (5 mi) North of Fateh Jang. The dam was commissioned by Small Dams Organization, Government of Punjab in 1982 and was completed in 1986 at a cost of PKR 36.5 million.[2]

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Coordinates: 33°37′N 72°41′E / 33.617°N 72.683°E / 33.617; 72.683