Shaigal Aw Shiltan District

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Shaigal Aw Shiltan District (Pashto: شیگل ولسوالۍ‎) was split from Chapa Dara District in Kunar Province, Afghanistan and the population is 25,900 (2006).

[and here living all poshton and the very pupal is shinwary . there hive very near badder Pakistan the rawer said of sholthan village , and the beg name of shaigal hezbe islami is kashmeir khan , district is in karbori village .. villages in shaigal district are shangurgul,lahcya,monyna,halazo,narat,chaqare,etc people of shaigal dictrict 80% Educated only male not female, female are 30% educated. the shaigal district tribes is shanwary in hundred year ago their grandfather came from jalalabad and took this distict by force from mughal.