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In Hinduism, Shakambari is an incarnation of Ishwari, consort to Shiva. She is the divine mother, called "The Bearer of the Greens.".In Hinduism any Vegetarian Item is considered as the Prasad of Shakambari Devi.


Shakambari Mata, Sakarai, Rajasthan

A Demon named Ruru was a great devotee of the Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu and Lord Shiva). The trio were so pleased by his worship and deeds, that they blessed him immensely and gave an assurance that their blessings and protection will always be on him and his family. Ruru had a son named Durg. Durg was a very ambitious demon. He grew up to be a powerful being. Shukracharya advised him to do penance to gain the heaven. He got to know about the boons asked by various demons like Tarakasur and Mahishasur. Shukracharya warned him to be careful while asking for any boon. Durg also got to know about the Vedas in which all the worldly knowledge is present and the Vedas were present with Lord Brahma. Hence to gain the Vedas from Brahma, he started to worship Brahma. Finally, Lord Brahma appeared before him. Durg asked for the Vedas or immortality as a reward for his penance. Brahma had no other option and unwillingly had to give the Vedas to him. As Vedas went in the hands of Durg, Brahma was then unable to do his work of creation without the Vedas and also the human beings became devoid of religious values. Hence, they stopped doing rituals and venerations as a result of which, Gods become weak. At this very time, Durg attacked over the heaven. The weakened Gods no longer possessed the power to battle the demons and hence left from the heaven at once. From then Durg came to be known as Durgamasur. The condition over the earth became worst as in the absence of moral values and knowledge, everything came to a standstill. Earth had become completely dry as biscuit. Rain God could not shower the rains as a result of which nothing grew that could be eaten. Extreme drought conditions were faced by the human beings. Trinity were helpless due to the assurance of protection, they had given to Durgamasur's father and his family. There, Goddess Parvati went to Himalayas where Gods were praying to her. Gods informed her about the droughtful condition over the earth. Seeing the dreadful condition of the earth, Parvati started crying with uncountable eyes and all of sudden, rivers started flowing full of water. This form of Goddess is called as Satakshi Devi, she rained her tears to bring back all the rivers for thirst. Soon after which Goddess Parvati took form of Goddess Shakambhari and presented back the greenery to the earth and natural food like fruits, grains, vegetables etc. grew in milliseconds. Parvati got to know about Durgamasur's evil intentions, so she appeared to him in the form of a lady messenger to make him to give the Vedas back to Brahma and also to give back the heaven to Indra. Durgamasur didn't want to, so he sent in a huge army to kill the messenger, Parvati liberates herself from the lady messenger, and she, with Durgamasur's army came on the warfield. From Parvati's body, emerged out all of the female forms of the feminime cosmos namely as Kali, Tarini, Shodashi (Lalita/Tripursundari), Bhuvaneshwari, Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, Dhumavati, Bagalamukhi, Matangi, Kamalatmika, Shailputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kaalratri, Mahagauri, Siddhidatri, Brahmani, Vaishnavi, Maheshwari, Kaumari, Indrani, Varahi, Narasimhi, Shivduthi, Chamundai, Yogmaya, Jaya, Vijaya, Savitri, Trishi, Dhiriti, Bhima, Rakta Chamunda, Kauberi, Mrityu, Jambhini, Mohini, Tripur, Rudrani, Gayatri, Bhramari, Akhilandeshwari, Mahakali, Bhadrakali, Guhyakali, Sheetala, Vindhyavasini, Adi Parashakti, Mahashakti, Bhagawati, Sherawali, Bahuchar, Khodiyar, Amba, Chandika, Shakti, Adi Shakti, Ramchandi, Meenakshi, Kamakshi, Kaushiki, Mahadurga, Parameshwari, Devi, Gauri, Jagadamba, Tridevi, Mahadevi, Uma, Bhavani, Mateshwari, Vyaghravahini, Narayani, Mahamaya, Manasa, Ganeshi, Rajarajeshwari, Shaambhavi, Prathyangira, Ishwari, Agneyi, Varuni, Rohini, Prakriti, Kalika, Jumadi, Uma, Yudhadevi, Jagatmata, Aparajita and Chandavigrah. A fierce battle started between the huge army of Durgamasur and the forms of Parvati. After a long battle, the female forms of Parvati had destroyed the huge army of Durgamasur, they felt highly victorious. Durgamasur came to the battlefield, on fearing the extent that Durgamasur was about to delete Parvati's female forms, they all ran back inside her body, one by one. Parvati Maa Shakambari, killed Durgam with her trident and recovered The Veda from his possession. At that very moment all the mantras and japas that were performed by the rishis, munis and devtas had performed earlier but were absorbed by the demon Durgam due to his boon, transformed into a bright light of a 10000 Suns and entered the Devi. From Her body Maa Shakambari manifested the ten most powerful powers who has never been in universe before called "Dashamahaavidya" and 64000 other goddesses. She then handed over The Vedas to Lord Brahma and the heavens to Lord Indra.

Therefor Adi parashakti is known as Durga as she had killed the demon Durgam .

Worship practices[edit]

The ancient temple of the goddess Shakambari is situated at Sakarai about 15 km from Udaipur Wati, which is about 29 km from Sikar(Rajasthan). There is also one same sakambhari mata temple at Pakaur (Jharkhand)as same in sakarai Rajasthan 150 km from Kolkatta Two JAGRAN Night one in chaitra saptami night and one in durga puja saptami night every year, Also there are three temples of Mata Shakambari in Kolkata. Since tears rolled out from the eyes of the goddess continuously for 9 days and nights the biggest worship practice is the celebration of Navratra Mahotasav, held in the months of Chaitra and Aasoj for nine days each. Two more Navratras are also celebrated but they are known as "Gupt Navratras."

Every year in Vijayawada Durga Temple they celebrate Shakambari Utsavs for three days. On these days the goddess is decorated with vegetables and fruits.

Major temples[edit]

Shakambari Mandir Mumbai

The major temples of Shakambari include Shakambari Temple in Sakarai, Rajasthan,Sakambhari Mata Temple same as in Sakarai Rajasthan now at Pakaur (jharkhand) 150 km from Kolkatta, Banashankari Amma Temple in Badami and in Bangalore, both in Karnataka state. There are many more temples to Shakambari in other parts of India, such as in Nagewadi, Maharashtra; near Satara; in Shakambari Devi near Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, and in Sambhar in Rajasthan. According to a legend, the Sambhar Salt Lake was given to the people of that area some 2,500 years ago by the Goddess Shakambari. A small white temple in her honour stands under a rocky outcrop jutting into the lake.[1] This temple is more than 200 years old.In some regions Maa Shakambari Devi is worshipped for nine festive nights with utmost devotion. In Vijayawada Kanaka Durga Temple, Bhadrakali Temple in Warangal Andhra Pradesh Shakambari Navratras are celebrated jubilantly. Ashada Navratri are celebrated as Guhya Navratri in Himachal Pradesh.

Shakti Peeth Shakumbhri, meaning the abode of Shakti Goddess Shakambari or Shakambari, is situated in the Jasmour village area, at a distance of 40 km to the north of Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh state of Northern India. Perched in the midst of the Shivalik mountain range, this temple is believed to have been built during the rule of the Marathas. Twice a year, in the Ashwin and Chaitra months of the Hindu calendar (during the days of Navratra), the famous Shakumbhri Mela is organised. About one kilometer east of Shakumbari lies the Bhura Dev (BHAIRAV) temple which is considered to be the guard of Shakumbari Devi. Because of this all the devotees to Shakambari Devi first visit Bhura-Dev temple and then proceed to the temple of the goddess.

Further reading[edit]

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