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Surrounded by the sea of whey is Shakdvipa (Sanskrit: शाक्द्वीप) with an extent of thirty-two lakh Yojans. According to (surviving) Hindu traditions, Shakdvipa (Also called Shwetadvipa) is a region in the Universe (Cosmos), that lies to the South of the 'Sea of Salt', which in turn, lies South of the Earth-globe. It has a huge tree of Shaka, hence its name. With a sweet fragrance of this tree, the whole island emits a pleasant scent. The ruler of this island, Medhatithi was also a son of Priyvrata. He too had seven sons- Purojav, Manojav, Pawamana, Dhumranik, Chitraref, Bahurup and Vishwdhar. They were made the rulers of the seven divisions of the island. People of the island use Pranayama to weaken their Rajoguna and Tamoguna, and worship Hari (Vishnu) in Vayu (form) through meditation.[1]

Vishnu Purana: "Shakdvipa located inside Chira sea and Shakdwipis are friends"[2]

Mahabharata 6.604 : "In Shakdvipa, caste system is same as Jambudvipa. There was four caste in Shakdvipa 1. Maga 2. Mushus 3. Manus 4 Mandak" [3]

Shaka Dvipa is identified as South America

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