Shake Sherry

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"Shake Sherry"
Single by The Contours
from the album Do You Love Me (Now That I Can Dance)
Released November 1962
Format 7" single
Recorded Hitsville USA (Studio A); 1962
Genre Rhythm and blues
Length 2:39
Label Gordy
G 7012
Writer(s) Berry Gordy, Jr.
Producer(s) Berry Gordy, Jr.
The Contours singles chronology
"Do You Love Me"
"Shake Sherry"
"Don't Let Her Be Your Baby"

Shake Sherry (sometimes spelled on record as "Shake Sherrie") was a 1962 R&B song by Motown Records group The Contours, issued on its Gordy subsidiary label.(Gordy 7012).it was the follow-up to the group's million-selling Top 5 hit single "Do You Love Me", and was taken from their album of the same name.

Not as successful as its predecessor, Shake Sherry missed the Billboard Pop Top 40, peaking at #43, and charted at # 21 on its R&B Chart. It was written by Motown Records' founder and first President Berry Gordy, who had written the group's previous hit, and had been quite successful as a songwriter and producer before founding Motown Records, having written hit singles for Jackie Wilson, Etta James, Marv Johnson, and others.

Unlike Do You Love Me, which had been (allegedly) originally intended for The Temptations, Shake Sherry was written specifically for The Contours,one of several songs Gordy composed for the group.

A raucous,powerful rocker,tailor made for the Contours, Shake Sherry reinforces the group's reputation as a "dance music" group, featuring the screaming sandpaper voice of lead singer Billy Gordon, who, as the song's narrator, describes the story of his would-be-girlfriend Sherry,whom he begs to "dance for me ,before you go".

This song's relative chart failure, compared to Do You Love Me, meant that The Contours' run as a headline act in the famed Motortown Revue touring shows of the early 1960s was relatively short- lived: although their dynamic live performances always made them a crowd favorite,history has unfairly branded them as "one hit wonders". The fact is that despite Motown's relative lack of promotion, The Contours actually charted several times for the label between 1962- 1967.

Credits: The Contours[edit]

  • Billy Gordon-lead
  • Billy Hoggs -2nd lead
  • Sylvester Potts- tenor/baritone
  • Hubert Johnson-bass
  • Joe Billingslea-baritone
  • Huey Davis- guitar

Other instruments: The Funk Brothers

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