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Shakedown (center) with the Masters of Disaster. Art by Jim Aparo.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Batman and the Outsiders #9 (April 1984)
Created by Mike W. Barr (script)
Jim Aparo (art)
In-story information
Alter ego Unknown
Team affiliations Masters of Disaster
Abilities Superhuman strength and endurance. Ability to generate vibratory blasts.

Shakedown is a fictional supervillain in the DC Universe. He first appeared in Batman and the Outsiders #9 (April 1984).

Fictional character biography[edit]

Shakedown was introduced in Batman and the Outsiders #9 as a member of the nature-themed supervillain group the Masters of Disaster. Shakedown and the Masters of Disaster assist Baron Bedlam in a Soviet-backed invasion of Markovia, the (fictional) homeland of the Outsiders hero Geo-Force. During the operation, Shakedown deals with romantic feelings towards fellow Masters' member Windfall. He tries to calm the tensions existing between her and her sister, the team's leader New Wave, which arose from Windfall's sympathies for the Outsiders, whom the Masters engage in battle on more than one occasion. The crush ends when Windfall quits the Masters and joins the Outsiders.


Shakedown was killed in JSA #31 (February 2002) by his partner New Wave. The two criminals had kidnapped a young girl and the parents are unable to pay the ransom. When Shakedown refuses to kill the child, New Wave drowns him with her water based powers. Batman and the Justice Society of America manage to rescue the girl before New Wave can kill her.

Shakedown later resurfaces in Metropolis, but it is not known whether the original somehow faked his death, whether he was resurrected, or if this was a new villain displaying the name and powers.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Shakedown has enhanced strength and endurance, has control over the Earth and is able to cause earthquakes. He is almost invulnerable to physical and energy attacks.

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