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Coordinates: 24°14′21.9″N 120°33′43.6″E / 24.239417°N 120.562111°E / 24.239417; 120.562111

Shalu District in Taichung City
Shalu District

Shalu District (Chinese: 沙鹿區; pinyin: Shālù Qū) is a suburban district in central Taichung City, Taiwan.


Originally a settlement of the Papora people, called variously 沙轆, 沙轆社,社口番地, perhaps due to sand blown by the wind. During the Kingdom of Tungning (1662-1683), the Taiwanese Plains Aborigines were driven away or sinicized, and the area became a Han settlement. In 1731 during Qing rule, Tamsui Subprefecture (淡水廳) extended from the Tai-kah River northward up to Keelung (雞籠).

In 1920, during Japanese rule, the written name was changed from 沙轆 (Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Soa-la̍k; literally: "sand wheel") to 沙鹿 (Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Soa-lo̍k; literally: "sand deer"); in Japanese, both names are read as "Sharoku". Administratively, Sharoku Village (沙鹿庄) was under Taikō District (大甲郡), Taichū Prefecture. In Taiwanese Hokkien, the old name of Soa-la̍k (沙轆) is still used.

In 1945 the village was changed to an township, and was upgraded to a district in 2010.

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