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Shamozai is a union council, sub tehsil (Tehsil:Barikot) (District:Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan) and a group of villages also known as Aalaqa (area) Shamozai located on the right bank of Swat River bordering district Dir, Malakand Agency and Tehsil Kabal of District:Swat.

Zarakhela is the largest village by population and area as well as the main centre of the area. Other Villages of Shamozai are Chungai, Barpalow, Gorra, Terang, Bacha abad, Malak abad, Dedawar, Gat koto, Qaber Shah, Shaamra, Hussain Abad, Kohay, Khazana(Dr.Akbar Ali), Gharai, Rangaila, Zhabagai, Shinkai, Nimogram (Buddhist monastery is situated here), Chalera, Balera, Sabon khpa, and Gamkot.