Shams (singer)

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Shams Al-Aslami
Born (1980-04-28)28 April 1980
Hafr Al-Batin, Saudi Arabia
Origin Kuwait, Saudi Arabia
Genres Khaliji, Arabpop
Occupations Singer
Years active 2000-Present

Shams Al-Aslami (Arabic: شمس الأسلمي), known mononymously as Shams, is a Kuwaiti-Saudi[1][2] singer of mixed Kuwaiti-Saudi ancestry.

Shams released her first album in 2000 she did not achieve mainstream success[citation needed] until appeared as a guest on the show Leman Yajro'a Faqat on LBC with the presenter Tony Khalifa to talk about her problems with the Saudi singer Sara[disambiguation needed]. Her third album was released a few weeks after the show and has a major success.[citation needed] she has a big media attention[citation needed] after her conflict with the famous singer Ahlam which is still going on now and then she released her video music "ahlan ezayak" that pokes fun at the Bush Administration which has a success. Shams has many problems with her old company ronata specially with the CEO Salem alhindi[citation needed]

She has also recorded several music videos. Some of shams's popular[citation needed] songs include "ahlan izayak" with George Bush, "tatah" feat obama, "kobar rasek", "mothahra nesa2ya", "milion", "ain frash" and "wesh sayer".

On September 26, 2013, in an effort to show solidarity with demand of the Saudi women that they may be allowed to drive she launched a single (in Arabic) titled 'It's our right to dive' which went viral on the internet.