Shanghai Astronomical Observatory

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Shanghai Observatory, Xujiahui Station
Organization Chinese Academy of Sciences
Location Xujiahui, Shanghai
Shanghai Observatory, Sheshan Station
Organization Chinese Academy of Sciences
Code 337  
Location Sheshan, Shanghai
Altitude 100 m (330 ft)
Weather ~130 clear nights/year
Unnamed 65-m Radio telescope
Unnamed 25-m Radio telescope
Unnamed 1.56-m Optical telescope
Unnamed 60-cm Laser telescope

Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (SHAO), is an astronomical observatory located in Shanghai, China. It has a long history of astrometry, and also operates the Sheshan 25m radio telescope as part of the Chinese VLBI array and the EVN. It was formed in 1962 from the merger of the Xujiahui (originally spelt Zi-Ka-Wei) and Sheshan (Zỏ-Sẻ) observatories in Shanghai. It is involved with the Chang'e 1 moon mission as the VLBI array is used for position determinations.

In October 2012 a 65-Meter Radio Telescope was completed for Shanghai Astronomical Observatory. [1]

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