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Shanghai University of Sport (上海体育学院) is a public university in Shanghai, China. SUS,the very first university of its kind in New China, was established in November 1952. Mr. Wu Yunrui, first President of SUS, devoted himself to the advanced values and notions of physical education.

SUS was formerly under the direct governance of the General Administration of Sport of China and began to be jointly constructed and managed in 2001 by the General Administration of Sport of China and Shanghai Municipal Government.

Over sixty years of construction and development, SUS has grown into a multi-disciplined university with six categories of education, management, science, literature, medicine and arts featured with sport science. SUS has established a complete educational system covering bachelor, master and doctoral programs and set up the mobile station for post-doctoral research in sport science. Currently, SUS has more than 4000 full-time undergraduate students on campus, 1000 postgraduate students, 1400 overseas students, 1400 adult students, and more than 700 teaching and administration staff, among whom 82 are professors and 170 associate professors.

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