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Spouse Fu Pao
Issue Yellow Emperor
Yan Emperor
Full name
Father Lord Youxiong
Born 2679 BC

According to the legend, Shaodian (Chinese: ) (born 2679 BC) was the father of Huangdi (黄帝), the Yellow Emperor.[1] His own father was Lord Youxiong (有熊),[2] whilst Shaodian's wife was Fu Pao (有蟜). Fu Pao later gave birth to both Huangdi and Yandi.[3]

It should be also noted that according to Discourses of the States, Shaodian was a stepfather of the Yellow Emperor:

"Although Shaodian preceded the Yellow and Yan emperors, he was not their father."[4]

Lady Hua, the wife of Ye the Great and mother of Fei the Great (also known as Boyi), was said to be either his daughter or descendant.


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