Shaolin vs. Evil Dead

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Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead
Directed by Douglas Kung
Produced by Jeremy Cheung
Written by Ho Yiu-Wang
Starring Gordon Liu
Music by Brother Hung
Cinematography Chi-kan Kwan
Edited by Grand Yip
Release dates
Running time
94 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead (Shao Lin jiang shi) is a kung fu vampire movie starring Gordon Liu. The work is one of Liu's most recent and was released between the time of Kill Bill volumes 1 & 2 and exploited his acting in the two films on the North American DVD cover. The movie title itself exploits the film Evil Dead, however there is actually no relationship between two films. The film also heavily references the style of Mr. Vampire, though has a unique plot.

The film ends abruptly, without resolution, because of a planned sequel, which is previewed in the end credits. The funding for the sequel was approved in 2005,[1] and the second half of the film, Shaolin Vs. Dead: Ultimate Power was released the same year.[2]


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