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Location of Shariatpur
Coordinates: 23°12.5′N 90°21′E / 23.2083°N 90.350°E / 23.2083; 90.350Coordinates: 23°12.5′N 90°21′E / 23.2083°N 90.350°E / 23.2083; 90.350
Country  Bangladesh
Division Dhaka Division
District Shariatpur
 • Total 1,174.05 km2 (453.30 sq mi)
Population (2011 census)
 • Total 1,155,824
 • Density 980/km2 (2,500/sq mi)
Time zone BST (UTC+6)
Postal code 8000
Website Official Map of Sitakunda

Shariatpur (Bengali: শরিয়তপুর জেলা, Shariatpur Jela also Shariatpur Zila) is a district in the Dhaka Division of central Bangladesh. It is named after the eminent Islamic reformer Haji Shariatullah.


Shariatpur was named after Haji Shariatullah (1781–1840), who was the founder of Faraizi Movement and an eminent Islamic reformer during British Raj. Shariatpur was established as district on 1 March 1984. Earlier it was known as Palong thana under Faridpur sub-division which was converted to Shariatpur Sub-division and latterly as district with 6 upgraded thanas.

Geography and demography[edit]

Shariatpur District

Shariatpur District is bounded on the north by Munshiganj District, Barisal District on the south, Chandpur District on the east, Madaripur District on the west. Main rivers are Padma, Meghna, Palong, Jayanti,[1] Kirtinasha, and Dharmaganj.

Area of Shariatpur district is 1181.53 km². It consists of 6 upazilas, 5 municipalities, 102 Mahalla, 64 Union Parishad, 608 Mouza, 1235 Village, 213,677 household.

According to the census of 2001, Shariatpur district had a population of 1,082,300 distributed to 213,677 households (average household size 5), including 543,838 men and 538,462 women, or a gender ratio of 101:100. Literacy rate is 38.9%.[2]


Economy of Shariatpur district is mainly agriculture-based. Total land 251,849-acre (1,019 km2), cultivable land 151,902-acre (615 km2), fallow land 6,857-acre (28 km2), irrigated 40,894-acre (165 km2). Shariatpur has lots of potential. It is situated almost in Central Bangladesh, Shariatpur can connects Chittagong, Barishal even Khulna division easily through its geographical location. Awami government announced that "Surely, Padma bridge will be built, when it is done, and roads/transport become more developed, it will change the economy of Shariatpur very fast.

Main occupations: Agriculture 46.53%, agricultural labourer 23.22%, fishing 1.29%, wage labourer 3.19%, commerce 9.55%, service 4.95%, others 11.27%.

Land control : Among the peasants, 22% are landless, 29% marginal, 28% small, 13% intermediary, 8% rich.

Value of land:The market value of first grade agricultural land is Tk 7000 per 0.01 hectare.

Main crops : Paddy, jute, wheat, sweet potato, onion, garlic, tomato.

Extinct and nearly extinct crops: Sesame, kaun, arahar and sanpat.

Main fruits: Blackberry, mango, banana and wood apple.

Fisheries, dairies and poultry: Fishery 32, poultry 1453, dairy 56.

Communication facilities Roads: pucca 174.09 km, semi pucca 99.64 km and mud road 2066.43 km; waterways 49 nautical mile.

Traditional transport: Palanquin (extinct), horse carriage (nearly extinct), boat.

Manufacturing: Ice factory 13, saw mill 35, shoe factory 4, oil mill 6, rice mill 164, bidi factory 9.

Cottage industries Weaving 88, goldsmith 341, blacksmith 324, potteries 90, tailoring 425, welding 47.

Hats, bazars and fairs: Hats and bazars are 88, fair 12, most noted of which are Burir Hat bazar, Kazir hat, Bojeshwar bazar, Naria bazar, Haturia hat, Sakhipur, Palong and Angaria bazar.

Main exports : Jute, onion, garlic, tomato.

NGO activities : Brac, Grameen Unnayan Sangstha, SDS, Madaripur Mahila Unnayan Sangstha, asa, GUP, Madaripur Lagal Aid Association, NUSA, CDS(Charvaga Development Society), JDF(Junior Development Foundation).


The district of Shariatpur consist 4003 mosques, 27 temples, 3 churches and a pagoda.[citation needed]

Points of interest[edit]

Notable houses[edit]

  1. Dewan Villa, Damodya, Shariatpur
  2. principal Dr. Md Raja Miah bari, Damodya, Shariat pur.
  3. Munshi Bari , Burirhat.
    Burir Hat Munshi Bari, Damudya, Shariatpur.
  4. Lakarta Shikdar Bari, vederganj, Shariatpur.
  5. Bapari Bari, Damudya, Shariatpur.
  6. Damudya Shikdar Bari, Damudya, Shariatpur.
  7. Madbor Bari, Baro Sidhalkura, Damudya - Shariatpur.
  8. Chowdhury's House, South Baluchara, Shariatpur.
  9. Kartikpur jomidar Bari.
  10. Circuit House, DC Banglow, Shariatpur Sadar.
  11. Mallick Bari, Manua, Bhedargonj, Shariatpur.
  12. Sardar Bari, Rankhola, Shariatpur.
  13. Dhoni Baswas Bari, Damudya, Shariatpur.
  14. Mira Bari, Charpatalia, Damudya, Shariatpur.
  15. Khalashi Bari, Yessarkathi, Naria, Shariatpur
  16. Dewan Villa, Bhedargonj, Shariatpur
  17. Fakir kutir,Jajira thana road, shariatpur.

Places and tourist attractions[edit]

  1. Burir Hat jame Masjid, Burir Hat. Est: 1907
  2. Rudrokor Moth, Rudrokor.
  3. Naria Zoo & Wonderland, Naria.
  4. Kartikpur Jamidar Bari, Kartikpur.
  5. Sureshwar Darbar Sharif, Sureshwar.
  6. Haturia Jamidar Bari, Haturia
  7. Beparipara Jame Masjid, Telipara, Naria.
  8. Bhedargonj upzila chottor.
  9. Charchatang Jame Masjid, Charchatang, Monohar Bazar, Palong, Shariatpur. Est: 1994
  10. Chikondi Civil Court, Chikondi. Est: British Period.
  11. Darghabari Dighi, Telipara, Naria.
  12. Fatehjongpur Fort.
  13. Kashempur Chawrasta, D.M. Khali.
  14. KodalPur Darbar Sharif, Kodalpur, Goshairhat.
  15. Kunder Char Kalu Bepary Jame Masjid.
  16. Late Ala Uddin Sikder and Amena Khatoon Darul Uloom Madrasha, Autong.
  17. M.A. Reza College, Bhaderganj
  18. Monohor Bazar Jame Masjid, Monohor Bazar.
  19. Pandiswar Darbar Sharif, Chishtinagar.
  20. Premtola BISIC Shilpo Elaka, Premtola.
  21. Ram Shadhur Ashrom. Est: 1887
  22. Shariatpur-Chandpur Ferri Ghat, Eidgah Bazar.
  23. Shib longo Mondir, Bhojeswar.
  24. Tinu Tagore's House Kali Mondir, Shariatpur Sadar.,
  25. Fakir Agro ( Fakir kutir - opposite jijira thana) jajira thana road, jajira, shariatpur


There are 7 upazilas (sub-district) under this district, namely::

  1. Shariatpur Sadar Upazila
  2. Damudya Upazila
  3. Naria Upazila
  4. Jajira Upazila
  5. Bhedarganj Upazila
  6. Gosairhat Upazila
  7. Shakhipur Upazila It is a Police Station.


Administrator of Zila Porishod: Mojibur Rahman Master [1]

Deputy Commissioner (DC): Md. Sanowar Hossain [2]

District Mayor :Rob Munshi.


Road, River Rout


There are 396 government primary schools, 137 non-government primary schools, 61 community prhhhhimary schools, 113 satellite primary schools, 40 NGO operated primary schools, 22 ebtaidaye madrasha, 3 government high school, 90 non-government high schools, 58 dakhil madrasha, 3 government colleges, 13 registered colleges and 15 senior madrasha.

Noted institutions are:

  • Little Flower Pre-cadet Academy, Telipara, Naria. Est: 2010
  • Ideal Coachitgttng Academy, Telipara, Naria. Est: 2007
  • Damudya Hamidia Kamil Madrasha
  • Hazi Shariatullah University College, Shakhipur, Shariatpur
  • Kunder Char Kalu Bepari Kandi High School, Janzira. Est: 1983
  • Damudya Muslim Pilot High School, Damudya, Shariatpur
  • Telipara High School, Telipara, Naria
  • Dr. Moslem Uddin Khan Degree College Joynagor Zanjira
  • Joynagor Julmot Ali(Z A) High School. Joynagor, Zanjira
  • Joynagor Mahmuda Khatun Girls High School Joynagor, Zanjira
  • Joynagor Nooria Islamia Dhakil Madrasha Joynagor, Zanjira
  • Joynagor Ayatunnessa Government Primary School, Joynagor, Zanjira
  • Private Islami Kindergarten, Joynagor, Zanjira
  • Shakhipur Islamia High School. Est:1929, Shakhipur, Shariatpur
  • Charbhoyra High School, D.M. Khali, Est:1912, Shakhipur, Shariatpur
  • Kodalpur High School, Goshairhat, Shariatpur
  • Panditsar High school, Panditsar, Naria. Est: 1899
  • Char Atra Azizia High School, Char Atra, Naria, Shariatpur, Est:1965
  • Burirhat High School, Burirhat, Damudya, Shariatpur
  • Uttar Nashason Rashidia Islamia Alim Madrasah, Naria, Shariatpur
  • Shariatpur Polytechnic Institute, Burirhat, Damudya Shariatpur
  • Shariatpur Government College, Shariatpur
  • Shariatpur Govt. Girls High School, Shariatpur
  • Shidhalkura High School, Damudya, Shariatpur
  • Palong Tulashar Grudas Gov High School, Shariatpur Sadar, Est: 1898
  • Purbo Madaripur College, Damudya, Shariatpur
  • Nagerpara High school, Gosairhat, Shariatpur, Est:1958
  • Bijhari Upashi Tara Prasanna High School, Upashi, Est: 1898
  • Bhojeshwar Girls High School, Bhojeshwar, Naria, Est: 1977
  • Charkumaria Islamia Fazil Madrasah, Bhedargonj, Est: 1930
  • Darus Sahaba Dakhil Madrasah, D.M. Khali. Est: 2002, Shakhipur, Shariatpur
  • Darul Fayez Islamia Dakhil Madrasah. Est: 2004
  • Char Chanda High School, Shakhipur, Shariatpur
  • Idilpur Pilot High School, Gosairhat
  • Mohsenia Kamil Madrasa, Gosairhat
  • Gongaproshad Government Primary School
  • Zanjira Mohar Ali Pilot High School
  • B.K. Nagar Public High School
  • Bhojeshwar Upashi College
  • Abu Taleb Master High School, Shariatpur
  • Panchapalli Guru Ram High School, Panchapalli
  • Mohishar Digambari High School, Mohishar
  • Bhedargonj Pilot High School, Bhedargonj
  • M. A Raza College. Bhedargonj
  • Narayonpur High School, Bhedargonj
  • Ghoddya Fazil Madrasah, Bhedargonj
  • Shaheed Smriti High School, Vill: Telipara, P.S.: Naria
  • Char Phylij Joinab High School, Char Phylij Bazar, Shakhipur, Shariatpur
  • Barakalinogor Senior Madrasa
  • Hazi Nayon Sharif Sarkar Primary School, Shakhipur, Shariatpur
  • Sakhipur Solaimania Islamia Dakhil Madrasha, Shakhipur, Shariatpur
  • Habib Ullah College, Shakhipur, Shariatpur
  • Shahid Siraj Shikdar College, D.M. Khali, Shakhipur, Shariatpur, Est:1995
  • Shahid Dr. Humaiun Kabir High School, Charvaga, Shakhipur, Shariatpur
  • Abbas AliHigh School, Trabunia, Shakhipur, Bhedarganj
  • Dakkhin Sakhipur High School, Shakhipur, Bhedarganj
  • Hazi Bari Girls High School, Shakhipur, Bhedarganj
  • Abdul Gani Junior School, Shakhipur, Bhedarganj
  • Tarabuni High School, Balar hat, Shakhipur, Bhedarganj
  • Charkumaria High School, Charkumaria, Shakhipur, Bhedarganj
  • Char Chanda High School, D.M. Khali, Shakhipur, Bhedarganj
  • Monowara Shikder girls high School
  • Mohsenia Hfijia Madrasha, D.M. Khali, Shakhipur, Shariatpur. Est:1962
  • Dr. K. A. Jalil High School, Tripalli, Naria
  • Kartikpur High School, Kartikpur, Naria
  • Lonsing High School, Naria
  • Darul Aman High School
  • Angaria High School
  • Tulatala High School
  • Shariatpur Technical School& College(TSC). Est:1995
  • Ala Uddin Sikder and Amena Khatoon Darul Uloom Madrasha, Autong, Est: 2006
  • Usmania Qawmia Arabia Madrasha, Angaria Bazar, Shariatpur. Est: 1972
  • Iqra Darul Quran Madrasha, Parashoddy, Angaria Bazar, Shariatpur. Est: 2002
  • Chikandi Sharaf Ali High School, Chikandi
  • Kunder Char Kalu Bepary Govt. Primary School, Janzira
  • Naria Govt. Degree College, Naria
  • Naria Bihari Lal Govt High School, Naria
  • Naria Pilot Girls School, Naria
  • Morning Sun Kindergarten Academy, Naria
  • Nobarun Kindergarten Academy
  • Ismail Memorial Girls School, Kunder Char, Janzira
  • Z. H. Shikder University of Science & Technology, Kartikpur. Est: 2011
  • 01 No Shakhipur Govt. Primary School, Est:1890, Shakhipur, Shariatpur
  • Begum Lutfonnesa Mohila Madrasa, Manua, Bhedargonj, Shariatpur. Est : 2001
  • Nagla Primary School. founders members Hosain Ali Zamadder
  • Khalilur Rahman Islamia Fazil Madrasha
  • 9 no char bhoira gov primary school d. m. khali

Notable residents[edit]

  • MP Abdur Razzaq (born August 1, 1942 – December 23, 2011) was a Bangladeshi politician and member of the Awami League Advisory Council. He was the Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee for the Water Resources Ministry.[1] He was the Minister for Water Resources of Bangladesh from 1996 to 2001 [2] during Bangladesh Awami League government under Sheikh Hasina's cabinet. He Was The Unity Maker Of Bangladesh Liberation War In 1971
  • B.M. Muzammel Haque, Member of Parliament, and a revolutionary politician.

Members of Parliament[edit]

  • Shariatpur-1: BM Muzammel Haque (2008-2014)(2014-present)
  • Shariatpur-2: Colonel (retd) Shawkat Ali (2008, 2001, 1996, 1991, 1979).< AFM Nurul Haq Hawlader (1973).[3]
  • Shariatpur-3: Nahim Razzaq (2012–Present), Abdur Razzaq (2008, 2001, 1996,1991,1970( gonoporishod election under Pakistan)),

Sirajuddin Ahmed (1962–1967)

Freedom fighters[edit]

  • Late Abdur Razzak, National Leader Of Bangladesh
  • Late Abidur Reza Khan, freedom fighter and national leader.
  • Abdul Goni Sikder, Autong
  • Late Abu Bakar Al Azad, Ex-Chairman, Kunder Char Union, P.S.: Zanzira
  • Late Mahbubur Rahman (Alamgir Munshi),vill.-Kutubpur, PO.-Burirhat, PS.-Damudya, Dist.-Shariatpur
  • Md. Mozammel Haque Madbor, Father's Name - Late, Abdur Rahman Madbor, vill.- Baro Sidhal Kura, PO.- Goshairhat, PS.-Damudya, Dist.-Shariatpur
  • Md. Abul Bepari, Father's Name - Late, Torab Ali Bepari, vill.- Baro Sidhal Kura, PO.- Goshairhat, PS.-Damudya, Dist.-Shariatpur
  • Late B.M. Abdul Khaleq, Former Chairman, Idilpur Union Parishad, Goshairhat
  • Shaheed Kazi Fazlul Haque, Vill.- Manik Nagar (Kazi Kandi), Union- Sener Char, Po.- Dubisaybor (Kazir Hat), PS.-Jajira, Dist.- Shariatpur
  • Late aseq e rasul Lal Mia, Formar Comandder, D.M. Khali Union
  • Shaheed Sepoy Abdul Hamid Sardar (1949–1971), Village: Anakhanda, Naria
  • Nitya Gopal Paul, Village: Panditsar, Naria
  • Master Moslem Uddin Mia. Asst. Head-Master, Charbhoyra high school, D.M. Khali
  • Abdul Manan Radri. Vice- Chairman, Upazila Porishad, Bhedargonj
  • Md. Giasuddin Sarder, Vill.-Kalukaty, PO.-Mulfatgonj, PS.-Naria, Dist.-Shariatpur
  • Shahadat Hossain Khan (1949–2002), former Chairman of Darulaman Union, Uttar Damudya, Damudya
  • Abul Bashar Abu Bepari, Damudya, Shariatpur
  • Late Abu Bakar Bepary, former chairman of kunder char union, janzira
  • Siraj Ahmed Chowdhury (Pagla Siraj), Freedom Fighter, Village: Sonda, Dingamanik, Naria
  • Muhammad Yousuf Miah, Vill: Charbhaga(ward no: 5), PO: Charbhaga, Upzilla: Vedergonj, Dist: Shariatpur
  • Md. Serajul Islam, Father's name: Late. Shahid Ali Bepari, Village: Dular Char, PO: Dular Char, Upazila:

Bhedargonj, Shariatpur.

  • Haji Abdur Rob Madbar, Father,s Name: Late. Ashmot Ali Madbar, Village: Dubkhola, Damudya, Shariatpur.
  • Munshi Ali Karim Khalashi, Founder of Yessarkathi Gov. Primary School and many more contributors for the community development, was the Hereditary of Sheikh Bahauddin who was a Courtier of Nabab Siraj-Ud-Daula.
  • Md. Abdul Wahab Molla, Father's name: Late. Abdul Karim Molla, Village: Manua, PO: Manua, Upazila: Bhedargonj, Shariatpur
  • Dewan Golam Mostafa, Father's Name: Late Mohd. Rahim Boksh Dewan, Village: Koraltoli, Post: Bhedargonj, Shariatpur
  • late Md. Halim Fakir, Fathers name : late Md.Rofiqul Islam Master, Village : Munshi kandi, jajira, shariatpur.
  • Fakir A. Mannan , Fathers name : late Md.Rofiqul Islam Master, Village : Munshi kandi, jajira, shariatpur.

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