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Shark 3D
Original author(s) Spinor
Developer(s) Spinor
Initial release February 2000; 14 years ago (2000-02)
Development status Active
Written in C++, Python
Available in English
Type 3D computer graphics, game engine

Shark 3D is a 3D software and engine developed by Spinor for creating and running video games, producing films and animated series, and running broadcasting graphics, and creating 3d industry applications.


Shark 3D is a cross-platform multi-purpose software platform for creating and running interactive virtual 3D worlds.[1] It is mainly used for:

According to Spinor, Shark 3D can be used as middleware or Game engine, but they use the more broad term software platform instead, because third parties can modify or extend the software in the same way as Spinor can, because all interfaces used by Spinor itself can be used also by third parties ("we at Spinor don't use hidden internal APIs").[6]

They also don't use the term game engine for their software ("The game engine way is a cautionary tale").[7]


Shark 3D is a complete suite containing:

The core of Shark 3D is an authoring editor supporting templates and prefabs to reuse entities. Templates and prefabs can be nested to any level and edited live. This allows building up complex scenes or objects with integrated behaviors (e.g. NPCs or complex camera systems based on simple building blocks in a flexible way.

Shark 3D is available for multiple target platforms like Windows and Linux based PC applications, mobile devices and consoles.

The software focus entirely on real-time. This is in contrast to other software packages like Autodesk Maya which are mainly non-realtime or a mixture of realtime and precalculated data like game engines as for example the Unity engine or Unreal Engine. For example, all lighting in the Shark 3D renderer is completely real-time.[8]

Industry support[edit]

Companies using Shark 3D include Funcom[9], Ravensburger Digital[10], Marc Weigert[11], Siemens, ARD/ZDF//Pro 7//Disney Junior[12].



  • Camera tracking[18]
  • Cinector Motion capture[19]

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