Shark Bait

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Shark Bait
Shark Bait film poster.jpg
South Korean film poster
Hangul 파이 스토리
Revised Romanization Pai seutori
McCune–Reischauer P‘ai sŭt‘ori
Directed by Howard E. Baker
John Fox
Written by Scott Clevenger
Chris Denk
Anurag Mehta
Timothy Wayne Peternel
Music by Christopher Lennertz
Edited by Tom Sanders
Distributed by CJ Entertainment
The Weinstein Company (USA)
Warner Bros. (UK)
Release date(s)
  • August 10, 2006 (2006-08-10) (South Korea)
Running time 77 minutes
Country United States
South Korea
Budget $10 million
Box office $13,662,815[1]

Shark Bait (The Reef in the UK, Australia and North America, Pi's Story in South Korea) is a 2006 South Korean-American computer animated film. The plot revolves around Pi and his attempt to win the heart of Cordelia while dealing with a tiger shark who is terrorizing him and the reef's inhabitants. The film was a commercial failure. It was largely criticised for borrowing heavily from other films such as Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo, DreamWorks' Shark Tale and Walt Disney's The Little Mermaid (and at one point, a reference to Star Wars and The Karate Kid) and, despite the amount of talented actors and comedians involved in the voiceover work, was a box office failure. Despite being an American-South Korean co-production, the movie did not receive a theatrical release in the United States, where it was released direct to DVD in 2007.[2]

A direct-to-DVD sequel, The Reef 2: High Tide was released in 2012.


Pisces, or Pi (Freddie Prinze, Jr.), is a 5 year old orange fish who lives happily with his parents, until a fishing boat scoops them from the sea. Pi's parents manage to help him escape, but cannot escape themselves. Pi (Now 25 years old) is taken by his porpoise friends to live with his aunt Pearl (Fran Drescher) and cousin Dylan (Andy Dick) on an exotic reef. As he tries to settle himself in this new world, the sweet and well-meaning Pi makes some good friends in his new home. When he reaches adulthood Pi falls in love with Cordelia (Evan Rachel Wood), a celebrity fish who has appeared of the front cover of National Geographic Magazine.

However, Troy (Donal Logue), the meanest, toughest shark in the ocean, is not only terrorizing everyone in the reef community, but also has his eye set on Cordelia to become his mate. Pi also learns about Nerissa (Rob Schneider), a wise old hermit turtle who lives in the Old Ship Wreck and practices martial arts, leading to rumours that he is a wizard.

When Pi helps Cordelia after she gets a hook in her fin, she invites him to go to a concert with her. Afterwards, they look at the stars and she falls in love with him. An enraged Troy starts abusing Pi worse than ever, until Cordelia makes him a deal: if he leaves Pi alone, she will marry him (which, in this case, is done when someone "accepts someone else's pearl").

When Pi hears of this, he decides he has had enough of Troy's abuse towards him, and asks Nerissa to teach him martial arts to combat Troy. Nerissa initially refuses, but Pi persists and he finally agrees.

After mastering the martial arts, Pi and his friends decide to band together to stop the abuse and terror that has caused fear within the reef's population. After training his friends, Pi leads the charge and they deal with Troy's crew in a final showdown.

When Pi taunts and insults Troy, Troy attacks him. Nerissa tries to help, but is badly injured by Troy's attack. Pi manages to trick Troy into chasing him, and fooled him into swimming into a fisherman's net after Pi narrowly escapes Troy who is lifted from the sea. Pi is proclaimed a hero, Nerissa gives Pi his pearl because Nerissa never had a son, yet he sees Pi as his son) and Cordelia accepts the pearl that Pi gives her and they are now married.


  • Pi (short for Pisces) - a male orange fish with a purple top fin voiced by Freddie Prinze, Jr. as an adult and Jimmy Bennett as a young fish.
  • Cordelia - a female pink fish who Pi falls in love with. She prefers him instead of Troy the shark and is voiced by Evan Rachel Wood.

UK/US cast[edit]

South Korean cast[3][edit]


The film has received mostly negative reviews from critics. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports that 19% of 3 critics have given the film a positive review. It has been described as a 'Finding Nemo rip-off' as it heavily borrows from the film as well as borrowing from other films such as Shark Tale and Karate Kid. It was also criticized for its poor animation which was described as 'cheap and moves too fast' and visuals. The film currently holds a mid-low rating of 4.2 out of 10 at IMDb.

The animation and visuals were later fixed in its sequel; The Reef 2: High Tide.



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