Shark Bay Marine Park

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Shark Bay Marine Park
Shark Bay Marine Park is located in Western Australia
Shark Bay Marine Park
Shark Bay Marine Park
State Western Australia
Nearest town or city Denham
Coordinates 25°48′S 113°45′E / 25.800°S 113.750°E / -25.800; 113.750Coordinates: 25°48′S 113°45′E / 25.800°S 113.750°E / -25.800; 113.750
Area 7,118.63 km2 (2,748.5 sq mi)
Established 1889
Managing authorities Department of Environment and Conservation (Western Australia)
Website Shark Bay Marine Park

Shark Bay Marine Park is located at Shark Bay World Heritage Site, Western Australia, over 800 km (500 mi) north of Perth.[1]

It is the site of the world's largest seagrass meadows, with a total of twelve species of seagrass in the park.[2]

Shark Bay Marine Park is also home to a variety of marine life, including sea turtles, dolphins, whales, dugongs, and smaller animals such as prawns and scallops.

Major reference points of its boundaries include Steep Point at the south side of Dirk Hartog Island and Cape Inscription at the north side.

Fishing Rules[edit]

The marine park comes under the Gascoyne Fishing Rules [3] and these rules specify the waters of the Shark Bay area as such (these are also known as the Shark Bay Inner gulfs): -

  • Eastern Gulf Zone (that is east of the Peron Peninsula and north from Cape Peron North ( 25° 30.2‘ S. 113° 30.6’ E) to a line at (25° 16.6’ S) and east to the coast of the mainland. The southern portion of this zone - the Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve has no fishing allowed.
  • Denham Sound also known as Western Gulf Zone south to line at Goulet Bluff ( 25° 13’ S ) which separates the Freycinet Estuary

The Fisheries department also produces a Species Identification Guide to coincide with the rules [4]


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Further reading[edit]

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