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Sharma is a surname found in India and Nepal as a surname or given name among Brahmins. [1] As a noun in Sanskrit, Sharma as a surname or given name primarily denotes a teacher by vocation.

The name Sharma is written as शर्मा in Hindi.[2] An alternative English spelling of the name used in the city of Varanasi and the Indian states of Assam, Andhra Pradesh , Karnataka and Kerala is "Sarma".[3] Some Assamese people also use Sarmah.[3]

According to Dictionary of American Family Names,[1] the name Sharma is listed as "Indian: Hindu (Brahman) name from Sanskrit šarma ‘joy’, ‘shelter’." Other theories suggest that origin of the name Sharma lies in the ancient Sanskrit word "Sharman" which means teacher or master.

According to Indian sociologist, S. Devadas Pillai,[4] "The suffix Sharma indicates that the chanter is a Brahman..."

People with surname Sharma/Sarma[edit]


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