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Not to be confused with Sarangadeva (c. 1275 - c. 1297), ruler of Vaghela dynasty.

Sarangadeva (1210–1247) was a 13th-century Indian musicologist, who was the author of the classical Sanskrit text on music, Sangita Ratnakara, the first modern book on Indian music.[1] The book is considered by many to be the most important work on music, after Bharata's Natya Shastra. This is the last text in the Indian musicology that is referred to by both Carnatic and Hindustani Classical Music traditions, and is therefore thought by some scholars to mark the point after which these two streams diverged. It was written before the Muslim conquest of the region, thus is noted for its absence of Muslim influence of Indian music, which deeply effected the North Indian music.[2]

Sarangadeva's was of Kashmiri ancestry; his grandfather had migrated to Devagiri (present Daulatabad, Maharashtra), part of Deccan. He worked as an accountant in the court of the Yadava King Singhana II (1210–1247).[1][3]


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