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SharpDX Logo
SharpDX is to DirectX what C# is to C++.
Developer(s) Alexandre Mutel
Stable release 2.6.0 / May 10, 2014; 59 days ago (2014-05-10)
Platform Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone
Type Application framework
License MIT license

SharpDX is an open-source platform-independent Managed DirectX API for the .NET environment. This new API is directly auto-generated from DirectX C++ SDK Headers[1] and the generated code is purely written in C# without using any C++/CLI assemblies, while still being able to achieve comparable performance.

The API naming convention has been kept as much as possible similar to the well known SlimDX API, which is currently using C++/CLI assemblies.

Also, SharpDX now provides, on top of the lower APIs (Direct3D11, DXGI, D3DCompiler...), a higher API level - called SharpDx Toolkit - similar to XNA but using latest DirectX technology.

Version 2.6 fully supports the following low-level DirectX APIs:

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