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Shasta can be a reference to a Native American tribe, and also various locations in Northern California. The term is applied to numerous natural features in the same general vicinity, and many other items associated with the area. Shasta may refer to:

Native American[edit]


Geography and locations[edit]

In California, USA:

In Iran:



Pop culture[edit]

  • Shasta (Narnia), the main character in the 1954 C. S. Lewis novel The Horse and His Boy
  • Shasta of the Wolves, a 1919 feral child novel and its title character by Olaf Baker
  • Shasta McNasty was a television sitcom on UPN that was later renamed to Shasta
  • "Shasta Beast", the twelfth track on the 2006 Eagles of Death Metal release Death By Sexy
  • "Shasta", the seventh track on singer-songwriter Vienna Teng's 2004 album Warm Strangers