Shaughnessy Elementary School

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Shaughnessy Elementary School
Candour, Purpose, Resolve

Code of Conduct:

Act Respectfully. Act Responsibly. Act Safely.
4250 Marguerite Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6J 4G3, Canada
School number 03939072
School board School District 39 Vancouver
Superintendent Val Overgaard[1]
Area trustee Ken Denike[1]
Principal Erin Gavin[2]
Vice principal Nancy Paget[2]
School type Elementary school
Grades K-7
Language English
Area Shaughnessy
Founded 1920
Enrollment 477[3] (2011)

Shaughnessy Elementary School in Vancouver, British Columbia, is an elementary school. The school opened in 1920 as Prince of Wales Elementary and Secondary School. In 1960, the current Prince of Wales Secondary School was opened, and the school renamed itself after the surrounding Shaughnessy neighbourhood.

It is located at 4250 Marguerite Street, near King Edward Avenue and Granville Street. As of June 2009, the current acting school principal is Erin Gavin, and the vice-principal is Nancy Paget.

Shaughnessy Elementary School.


  • The exterior for "Canterlot High" in "My Little Pony: Equestria Girls" was modeled after Shaughnessy Elementary School, although the other details like the dome on the roof, and the pony statue was entirely created from scratch.

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