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The Shaw Trust is a charity in the UK for helping disabled and disadvantaged people into employment and independent living. It was formed in the village of Shaw in Wiltshire in 1981. It now employs around 1100 people, and works with around 50,000 clients a year.[1]

The Trust partnered with British Telecom in 2006 to look at the mental health of workers in business environments. Working with The Shaw Trust, BT said it would continue to develop a supporting foundation for workers suffering from mental illness.[2] In 2005, The Shaw Trust worked with CDSM, an online education company, to create the Shaw Trust Web Accreditation (STWA) service which improves the access of websites for disabled Internet users.[3]

Shaw Trust has recently started utilizing remote VPN equipment, alongside Citrix MetaFrame, so that members of staff can access their work from home. By combining this with an MPLS system provided by BT, it is now possible for some staff to work from their home offices.

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