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A Shayar is a poet who composes Sher in the Urdu language. Shayar is not restricted to write only in Urdu, but can write in Hindi, Urdu, and Persian. Commonly, a Shayar is someone who writes Ghazals, Nazms using the Urdu language. One doesn't need to know how to write in Urdu in order to write a Ghazal.[1]


Amir Khusro is considered to be one of the foremost Shayars of the world, who existed during 1253-1325 and wrote in Persian. Mirza Ghalib is considered the ultimate authority in Urdu Poetry. He lived in Delhi and died in 1869.[2]

Shayar creates a form of poerty that is called Shayari. It is in tradition that this form of poetry is often read to an audience in a special setting called mehfil. Although there are many professional shayars, who create shayari for their livelihood, still shayari is immensely popular form of poetry for amateurs. The inspiration for shayari is still largely under Romance and beauty subject for amateurs. However professional shayars tend to write more on social issues that is more popular for a larger section of society.

Noted Shayars[edit]


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