She (1982 film)

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She FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Avi Nesher
Written by Avi Nesher(Scriptwriter)
Starring Sandahl Bergman
David Goss
Quin Kessler
Music by Justin Hayward
Rick Wakeman
Cinematography Sandro Mancori (director of photography)
Running time
Spain 102 min UK 104 min USA 106 min
Country Italy
Language English

She is a post apocalyptic 1982 film.


Set 23 years after an event called "The Cancellation", the film follows Tom, whose sister is captured by a local tribe. He sets out to find and rescue her, while avoiding the dangerous tribes he encounters along the way. Sandahl Bergman plays "She" who ends up aiding Tom after he escapes from her. She decides to help after learning of a prophecy given to her by a local seer.

The heroes have to face a tutu-wearing giant, a psychic communist, toga-wearing vampires and mutants bandaged up like Egyptian mummies.

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