She Will Be Loved

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"She Will Be Loved"
Single by Maroon 5
from the album Songs About Jane
Released July 27, 2004
Format CD single
Recorded 2002 in Los Angeles, California, United States
Genre Pop rock, soft rock
Length 4:14
Label Octone
Writer(s) Adam Levine, James Valentine
Producer(s) Matt Wallace
Certification Platinum (RIAA)
Maroon 5 singles chronology
"This Love"
"She Will Be Loved"
"Sunday Morning"

"She Will Be Loved" is the third single on the American band Maroon 5's 2002 debut album, Songs About Jane. Released in 2004, the single peaked at #5 in the United States, and by December 2012 had sold more than 2,722,000 digital downloads.[1] It peaked at #4 in the United Kingdom. In Australia, it reached #1, a position it held for 5 non-consecutive weeks. The single is noted for its music video starring Kelly Preston.

The song proved as successful as the band's previous hits, "This Love" and "Harder to Breathe", hitting number 1 on the Mainstream Top 40 and Adult Top 40 charts, but it prompted many alternative radio outlets to remove Maroon 5 from their playlists, on the ground that the band's newer songs were too light for alt-rock audiences. These stations continued to play "Harder to Breathe" and "This Love", but Maroon 5's newer hits were played only on pop and adult contemporary stations.

Music video[edit]

The music video for "She Will Be Loved" features a socialite (Kelly Preston) and her rich, deadbeat, abusive husband, whose estranged relationship is juxtaposed with that of their daughter's (Corinne Carrey) relationship with a young man (played by lead singer Adam Levine). The younger man, however, constantly obsesses over his girlfriend's mother, understanding that, although she is constantly rejected by her husband and that her life is one of emotional anxiety, she is nonetheless beautiful and attractive, and possibly more so than his own girlfriend.

That summer, the young couple (played by Adam Levine and Corinne Carrey), so in love, jump into the pool, and embrace, kissing underwater. The young man then resurfaces and sees the socialite mother (played by Kelly Preston) who, helping her daughter dry up after swimming, glances at the young man, who remains captivated upon finding the mother beautiful and attractive. That same day, during one of the social events, the mother goes to her husband for affection. Her husband, however, is unmoved by their romance and uses his time to talk with the guests about his wealth, often neglecting his wife, much to her consternation. Meanwhile, as the couple's daughter remains adoring and affectionate over her boyfriend, the young man, however, keeps watching over the mother, seeing how unloved and unrequited she remains within her marriage. As the mother sits by her husband, she gains sympathy from the young man watching over her and envy's the love and attention her daughter gains throughout her relationship with the young man. Not gaining any romantic attention from her husband, the mother turns her attention toward the male guests (played by the Maroon 5 band members) and gyrates seductively while they look on in admiration. The husband notices and, seeing how his wife enjoys becoming the center of attention as she flirts with the male guests while they praise her throughout her acts of flirtatious and alluring behavior directed toward them, he becomes jealous seeing the male guests give his wife attention and leaves abruptly.

Eventually, the husband abuses the mother physically and emotionally, for her flirting with the male guests in front of him and embarrassing him in front of the guests earlier. During the argument, the mother apologetically admits to her husband that the reason for her behavior earlier was, only because he ignored her needs of love and affection from him, she made him jealous so that he would be more committed to her within their marriage, realizing she made a mistake in her actions and begs for his forgiveness, hoping to earn the love that she desperately wants and deserves. Instead of returning her feelings within compromise, her husband rejects her apology and smears her lipstick, slapping her across the face as punishment. Heartbroken by her husband's hostile, abusive behavior toward her and her feelings for him remaining unrequited, the mother walks away in tears while concealing her ruined makeup and goes inside the mansion. Upon entering one of the rooms, she collapses, apparently due to trauma and exhaustion.

Later that night, the young man walks down the stairs into one of the rooms and finds the mother unconscious. Concerned for her safety and well-being, Levine goes to revive her, discovering that she's suffered abuse upon seeing her lipstick smeared across her face. The mother awakens to find herself in the young man's arms and, seeing how much the young man cares about her, she turns to Levine for comfort and they embrace, kissing passionately. After the events of the kiss, the young man appears to become obsessed, parking outside a building one day to watch the mother and her daughter shopping together. The mother also appears to become obsessed, parking outside the couple's house one night to watch him. Throughout the video, he sees the woman's face in place of her daughter's, which increases the romantic tension among the quartet. It's assumed Levine's singing about the daughter and her feelings toward him, however, Levine's also singing about the mother and his feelings of sympathy towards her.

At the end of the video, after seeing how in love the young couple are, still gaining no romantic attention from her husband, and realizing the irreparability of her marriage, the mother is overcome with emotion and walks away while the young man looks on concerned. As the mother isolates herself further from the group remaining inconsolable, her husband looks at her once but remains indifferent toward his wife and goes back to reading his newspaper like nothings happened. Levine follows after her and, in her act of denial and self-sacrifice, the mother argues with Levine and tries to reject him as he attempts to comfort her though her emotional anxiety. Witnessing the brief incident from afar, the daughter shows concern for her mother and follows after them to help. While Levine comforts the mother, saving her from her emotional heartache, she calms down and they embrace, nearly kissing. It's shown in flashbacks that her daughter actually caught them kissing the first time, and is now aware the unconditional love still exists between her boyfriend and her mother.

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